Letters support effort for new school


Dear Editor:
Like many of you, my wife and I were born and raised in this district.  We raised our children in the district.  When we bought our first home, the only requirement made of our realtor was “it must be in the Fairbanks School District”—a requirement still being made by many home buyers today.
Mark Lippencott
Vice-president, Fairbanks Board of Education
Dear Editor:
I am writing today to express my support of the upcoming Fairbanks Bond issue levy to appear on the November ballot. This levy is to provide funds to build a new middle/high school as well as 4 additional classrooms to the elementary school. These buildings are sorely needed as the district is roughly 23 students shy of reaching capacity.
Donna Burke
Dear Editor,
“Tomorrow … tomorrow … It’s only a day away!”
This often repeated lyrics in the familiar tune from last year’s Fairbanks High School Musical, “Annie”,  has significant meaning for the Fairbanks School Community on November 8, 2016.
Jeff Reinhard
Robinson Road

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