Fast food restaurants bring renovation plans to committee


Marysville’s pair of McDonald’s restaurants will be getting makeovers soon.
During a brief meeting, the city’s design review board passed two site plan applications Wednesday night to renovate the restaurants on Route 31 and Charles Lane.
Daniel O’Connor, speaking for the company, said the building will be a dark charcoal building with a red band going down the front. A wood band will wrap around the building as well. The play area will also be covered with black tile.
Joe Smiley, also speaking for McDonald’s, said the renovations are part of a national program by the restaurant company to revamp existing buildings.
Board member Ed Mickelson asked how far from the city’s natural materials code the new building would be. City Planner Chad Flowers said this is the first remodel that has come before the board since the city changed its natural materials requirement earlier this year. With that in mind, he said it’s harder getting an existing building to meet those requirements.
Board member Tim Schacht said he initially thought the structure had too many materials. He suggested the restaurant simplify the building’s look.
“I don’t know what the right answer is,” he said. “I don’t really necessarily say it’s bad, though.”
He said he’d be okay if the rest of the board was comfortable with the structure as it was shown.
Board chair Melissa Marino asked if the other members were concerned at how the new, darker building would look when compared to the other structures in the area.
“I think it’s going to be great,” said board member Scot Draughn. “It will pronounce itself, but after a while it’ll disappear.”
Schacht said he liked the darker color with the red accent mixed with the wood.
The renovation comes alongside the addition of a second drive through lane, which developers hope will alleviate traffic on Charles Lane out onto Delaware Avenue.
The renovation at the building on Route 31 is a bit more basic. The exterior will be a much lighter color than the Charles Lane location, with the same brick color as is there right now.
Lynsey Jordan, with Permit Solutions, said the company has worked with the city to make sure there are no conflicts with the city’s Route 31 widening project. There will be a connection to the public sidewalk from the property.
“Sounds like you guys hit on pretty much everything we had a question on,” Marino said.

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