Filing deadline approaching for November election


With the filing date approaching, officials at the Union County Board of Elections want residents to know it is not too late to be on the Nov. 7 ballot.
The filing deadline for all positions is 4 p.m., Aug. 9.
“If you want to run, this is the time to do it,” LaRoche said. “If you want to get involved, now is the time, not after the deadline, when you look and say, ‘this is who filed?’”
This November’s ballot will feature a lot of local positions.
“We have lots of people on the ballot,” said LaRoche. “We have a lot of open positions.”
LaRoche said council seats in Marysville, Milford Center, Magnetic Springs, Plain City, Richwood, Unionville Center and Dublin will be on the ballot, as will two seats on each township board of trustees and three seats on all local boards of education. Marysville’s law director seat will also be decided in November.
LaRoche said the board has a packet of information it provides each potential candidate.
“The packet discusses everything that needs done and the timelines,” LaRoche said.
She said board officials will go through the packet with candidates, helping them with things like filling out the petitions, getting signatures and completing campaign finance reports.
“We try to go through everything that you need to do,” LaRoche said.
Officials said the process is not as daunting as some might fear. She said each position requires a petition and a filing fee.
She said board officials can help, up until the time a potential candidate goes to file the required paperwork. She said rules require the board take a “hands-off” approach once the candidate is filing.
“The potential candidate is ultimately responsible for their candidacy,” LaRoche said.
Part of that responsibility is to file the petitions and paperwork on time. She said the board has, “a lot of information here” to help candidates as they campaign.
Board officials also wanted to remind people to register to vote if they haven’t already. The deadline to register to vote in the November election is Oct. 11.
LaRoche said it is just as important to vote in the local elections, as it is the presidential election.
“You are voting on the people that make a difference to you,” LaRoche said.
She explained that national and often even state level politicians make big picture decisions and the closer to the local level, the more direct impact a politician’s policy has on a voter’s day-to-day life.
“All of the stuff that directly affects you is decided locally, in these elections,” LaRoche said.
She said voters need to ask themselves, “Is this who I want to be making these decisions?”
The director added that in addition to local individuals, November voters will be deciding local issues.
“I believe we are going to have quite a few issues as well,” LaRoche said. “We have quite a few coming up.”
LaRoche reminded candidates, perspective candidates and voters that her office is there to help. Those wanting more information are invited to come to the office — 835 E. Fifth St., Suite A, — or call the office at (937) 642-2836.
“We are here to help everybody,” LaRoche said.

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