Local Best Buy store to close in October


A local electronics store is closing its doors.
Officials have confirmed the Marysville Best Buy, 770 Coleman’s Crossing Boulevard, will close at the end of business on Oct. 28.
“We chose not to renew that store’s lease, at the Marysville location,” Best Buy spokesperson Bianca Jones said.
She said the decision was “not easy.”
Jones said the climate was different when the store opened nearly a decade ago. She said that when the store opened, Best Buy was competing with other electronics stores, specifically Circuit City, which has since filed bankruptcy.
“Since then, customer trends have changed in the area and this decision is an example of us changing with that,” said Jones.
She said that Marysville residents were “voting with their feet” and shopping at the Tuttle Crossing Best Buy store.
“Basically, when we close a store, we asses the area and the buying trends in the area, and make a business decision,” Jones said.
Jones said the company does not discuss future plans, but did not close the door on opening another store in Marysville if trends change again.
Jones said the decision, “has no reflection on our staff or the hard work they have done.”
The store has about 20 full-time employees and “some part-time employees.”
She said Best Buy will “try to maintain as many of its employees as possible.”
She said company officials will look at the needs of the other stores and facilities and see if employees can move into other positions.
“All permanent full time and part time employees who do not stay with Best Buy will receive a severance package,” Jones said, though she did not detail specifics of the package.
In the last week, the Richfield, Minnesota-based company has announced it would shutter several stores including one in Perrysburg, and others in Alabama, Minnesota, Maine and Massachusetts. Jones said the closures are not part of a bigger plan, and “basically, when lease renewals come up, we assess the location’s performance.”
She said decisions to shutter stores are made “on a really isolated basis.”
Jones said the future of inventory, like that of staff, will be made in consultation with other stores.
“It is basically determined on a store by store basis,” Jones said.
She said the company will look at inventory needs of other local stores to determine how remaining inventory is sold.


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