Magazine names Marysville among best cities for retirees


Pictured above is a screenshot from the Money Magazine website. The magazine recently named Marysville as one of the best places in which to retire in the United States.
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Union County is quickly becoming a destination for tech jobs and autonomous car research, but a major financial magazine just gave the area a new honor.
Money Magazine recently named Marysville one of the best places to retire in the county, specifically for older citizens interested in staying educated.
“Marysville may not seem like a perfect fit for those looking to hit the books—but proximity is key here,” wrote the magazine. “Ohio allows any resident 60 or older to audit classes for free at any of the state’s 13 public universities and 23 community colleges.”
The publication cited Marysville’s short distance from The Ohio State University as a major selling point. OSU by itself has several ways older citizens can learn, and it’s only about 40 minutes away.
The Journal-Tribune reached out to Money Magazine for information on its methodology, but the publication failed to respond by press time.
Union County Economic Development Director Eric Phillips said the area’s opportunities for learning have gone up in recent decades.
“Over the last 20 years our educational attainment has increased dramatically,” Phillips said. “It shows you that a lot of great things are going on in our community.”
He cited the local Early College High School as a great opportunity for older residents to continue their education. The building offers opportunities for adults to learn, including the Life-Long Learners lecture series.
With the influx of tech jobs, there’s a new influx of engineers and other professionals that bring a more educated feel to the area, and could bring more opportunities for residents.
“Although not directly related, it is related,” he said.
The magazine also referred to Marysville’s Uptown as “cute,” and cited the All-Ohio Balloon Fest as an annual attraction that offers a family-friendly option for locals.
Phillips said there has been an influx of senior citizens in Marysville. Money Magazine said about 37 percent of the area’s population is at least 50, and Phillips said Union County’s population is getting older.
He said people generally think of the south as the quintessential retirement destination, but seniors are starting to look for different things.
“A lot of people are moving where their grandkids are,” he said.
Phillips said there’s been a sharp increase in the number of senior living facilities in town.
“We’ve had an influx in that type of housing,” he said.

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