Bunsold runners triumph


Bunsold Middle School’s boys and girls cross country teams downed Worthington McCord on Tuesday.
Both races came down to the fourth and fifth-place runners.
The Monarch boys won, 25-33, and the girls took a 26-29 verdict.
Bunsold results were as follows:
-Second: Sean Schultz, 11:55, PR;
-Third: Brian Boston, 12:04;
-Fifth: Jackson Segner, 12:12;
-Sixth: Bryce Thomas, 12:27;
-Ninth: Lincoln Witt, 12:58;
-Tenth: Graham Guider, 13:01;
-11th: Cannon Moser, 13:05.
-Second: Bryn Hothem, 13:16;
-Third: Abri Schmutz, 13:28;
-Fourth: Brooke Williams, 13:43;
-Eighth: Aimee Bowser, 14:27;
-Ninth: Malia Burkhardt, 14:41, PR;
-12th: Haylee Huffman, 15:34;
-13th: Payton Pierce, 15:35.

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