Amazon appeal could strip town’s identity


Even though the Christmas shopping season is over, the efforts to shop locally still mean something to a small business and this community.
Last week we ran a story about longtime community sporting goods store Monarch Sports moving out of the uptown. We heard from those that appreciated the story and even some that remembered other retailers that used to be uptown like Heckers, Hays & Gray, Eva & Ivy as well as Weiss department store. These businesses along with Monarch Sports were a big part of why patrons looked forward to the traditional Marysville Business Association (MBA) July sidewalk sales. Those sales would start the back-to-school shopping spree.
Sidewalk sales are a thing of the past because much of the back-to-school shopping or shopping in general now takes place on the internet. Even big box stores now have waiting areas for you to pick up packages you ordered online. We understand people like the lower online price and convenience of shopping from their couch but this transition from tradition has come with a price known as the Amazon effect.
Amazon continues to strip out the Main Street identity of local towns by enticing shoppers to spend their money online, but the global company isn’t there to support the community or even handle last minute order issues. Monarchs Sports had to correct issues such as uniforms purchased through Amazon that arrived incorrect a day before a game.
We think Marysville has done a good job of trying to bring new stores to the uptown to replace what has been lost, but when you lose a community staple like Monarchs Sports that has been in business since 1976, or even Mill Creek Cycle, it makes us step back and look at what the future could hold.
We want to encourage local readers to support local business as much as they can so those dollars continue to recirculate in Union County otherwise we don’t think there will be a choice in the future and Amazon will be the only option.

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