an editorial – Recent election was a learning experience


The Journal-Tribune’s biggest role in the community has always been and will continue to be as a watchdog over government so local tax payers know how their money is being spent.
As new politicians run for office each November, in the newsroom, we always talk about how things can change within those governmental entities one way or the other based on who wins the elections.
As a candidate for the Marysville School Board, going door to door allowed me to listen to new residents’ take on the schools and learn about politics in general.
The stories that I heard from parents to staff to students was overwhelming. Much centered around the school system always being in a state of flux, which isn’t a good thing. One story in particular that still stands out was about the fact that the new robotics class at the STEM School watched NETFLIX for six weeks because their teacher had an extended illness then was on a planned trip. When the parents went to look for a solution to the problem they were told by Superintendent Diane Mankins, that the class was so unique, the chance of finding a sub to teach that class was not likely to happen.
As far as politics in general when I met new residents for the first time they wanted to know where to go to see my platform, thus, not having an online presence didn’t bode well for me going up against two incumbents. Even though I knew many young families that have just moved here use social media as a connection to those in town, I didn’t understand how valuable it was to get them to turn out to vote.
Its clear I have a lot to learn about politics and even though running a campaign alone was a challenge being on the ballot allowed the voters a choice in the election. It also helped the Journal-Tribune reach out to meet new people in this community that we may never have been able to connect with. I just hope Steve Devine brings back my signs he collected.
Two predictions to leave you with about what you might see from the Marysville Schools in the near future are: Mankins will put the new policy allowing alcohol sales at non-school events back in front of the board and Amy Powers, who said on record 2019 was her last year as a board member, will leave the board before her new term expires so the board can hand pick a replacement.

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