an editorial – Some school districts change graduation plans


High school classes of 2020 have endured a lot. Their last year in high school was cut short due to the coronavirus that also caused cancellation of the spring sports season and changed graduation ceremonies substantially.
We heard from so many parents that were not happy with area school district plans that were initially to be a virtual video online only. The original plan that many districts were adopting was out of fear of the spread of the virus so students and families could have something to remember yet keep a social distance. Some of those fears have subsided with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine telling residents that people need to deal with the virus in the safest manner possible using common sense because its not going away soon.
Too many times we have witnessed groups hurrying to cancel things like Hilliard officials did a week ago with closing their city pools for the entire summer season, then wishing they had not done it.
Hilliard made its choice instead of waiting to hear from the governor, who was gathering more information and said pools could open as of May 26.
We have also been quick to make a decision when it comes to writing editorials, especially when it comes to speaking up on behalf of taxpayers who are critical of how public funds are used.
Here is where we want to give credit were credit is due. Two local school districts have changed their original decision to limit their graduation ceremonies. We feel that they listened to parents, families and others and have adopted in-person ceremonies while still adhering to the state guidelines.
One that was just announced was Triad School District that is going to host its ceremony in the student parking lot so everyone can see the event. The idea came about after the superintendent saw another district do it and thought it was something that would work in North Lewisburg.
Marysville Schools also pivoted from a virtual video to allowing students to come one at a time in the stadium to be handed their diplomas.
It just makes sense that more actions like this are possible when everyone steps back and looks at the current situation from afar. We understand that if you or a family member has been affected by COVID-19, you might be more sensitive to being around the public. But there is also the argument that the coronavirus, although more contagious and deadly, is kind of like the flu and we just need to get through the worst of it, hope the development of a vaccine comes soon, and live our lives.
Moving forward, we think that more entities, like school districts, need to take time to gather information from a wider audience so more people are involved in the decision-making process to keep from making regrettable decisions.

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