Biden latest target of MeToo movement


Former Vice President Joe Biden is the most recent dignitary to feel the brunt of the “MeToo” movement. In the last few days, several women have come forward with accusations against him of inappropriate touching and behavior.
It’s the same old story, but in his case, of a much less serious nature. Most of the alleged incidents occurred several years ago when he was vice president (2009-2017), and involved actions such as putting his hands on women’s shoulders, kissing them on the lips, hair or ear, and whispering in their ear. At this point, there have been no sexual misconduct charges. Several women have come to his defense.
We want to emphasize that although the accusations against him are not as serious as those of other victims of the MeToo movement, if true, they are still not to be condoned. Some of the photos of his affectionate behavior do not put him in a good light, and given his position, he should have used better judgment.
So we ask the same old question. If these women were so upset and emotionally distraught with his actions, why didn’t they come forward with their stories at the time they occurred? After all, he was the vice president of the United States.
Instead they waited until he indicated his probable run for the presidency. He is listed as the favorite for winning the Democrat Party nomination.
It remains to be seen whether or not these allegations will affect his final decision to throw his hat in the ring. However, men are forewarned that how they interact with women in public or private today can have a much different result than just a decade or two ago. If they intend to run for high office, they must be on guard to keep their hands and faces to themselves.

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