Help keep bicyclists safe


Dear Editor,

As I’m getting older and am wanting to ride my bike more often, I have been hearing of too many bicycle accidents involving cars. I am writing to try to keep cyclists safe.

One way to keep cyclists safe is for car drivers to be more aware of their surroundings as they drive and to not be distracted when driving. If they see a cyclist, slow down and give cyclists room.

The city has started to make some improvements to our area that helps cyclists. They have put in a path through Legion Park that connects to Fifth Street and there are more sidewalks being put along Fifth Street. In the future, they can put more sidewalks along roads when there are improvement projects, widen roads and possibly add bike lanes.

Cyclists should also review and follow bike safety rules. It’s summer and more people and kids are riding their bikes.

Please keep an eye out for cyclists.

Noah Stowell, 12

Future Bunsold Middle School student

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