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Senior spotlight: Brooklyn Overfield
This month’s Senior Spotlight is 18-year-old Brooklyn Renee Overfield. She is the daughter of Brian and Stephanie Overfield, and has two sisters: Kylee and Hannah, as well as a little brother Dalton.
She has attended Triad for 12 years. In addition, she also attended Saginaw Stars Elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas.
She was born Aug. 8th, 1998. She is described as a very gifted student, whose favorite class is human anatomy. Her favorite teachers include Mr. Mutters, Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Bradley.
After high school, her plans include serving in the United States Air Force. She is planning on going to college while in the Air Force to become a flight nurse.
Currently, she spends most of her time working as a waitress at Frisch’s Big Boy. Her favorite movie is Walk the Line, and her favorite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story. Brooklyn’s most memorable high school memory is when she went to state for the softball team.
Her advice to freshmen is: “Don’t be fake.”
National Honor Society inducts newest members
The Triad High School National Honor Society welcomed 12 new members during their initiation this year. New members inducted on October 5 were Sydney Propst, Trevor Instine, Hadley Levan, Tori Thomas, Lauren McCall, Jessica Woodard, Chris Hinkle, Kaitlynn Pence, Jacob Greve, Audrey Lightle, Alea Ferguson, and Kylee Overfield. These members were given certificates and the honor of being inducted into NHS.
The induction tool place earlier than normal this year. In past years, NHS has usually inducted members closer to January. This year, NHS advisor Mrs. Bradley decided it would be at best if the new members were inducted towards the beginning of the school year, because more members would be available if help is needed at the Veterans Day Program coming up on Nov. 11. Current members Amber Kuck, Audrey Combs, Jennifer Sizemore, Maddy McCreary, Alec Ober, Garrett Smith, Megan Miller, Colby McConnell and Summer Doty have all been planning the NHS tapping and induction ceremony since the second week of school.
To be invited in to the NHS, students must first have a GPA of a 3.5. Aside from having a good GPA, members must show good character, leadership, and service. NHS members are required to have at least 10 hours of volunteer hours every semester, as well as 10 hours over the summer. Being in NHS is an important addition on college applications, and membership increases the chance for scholarship opportunities.
Students of all grade levels have the opportunity to participate in NHS. Juniors who are interested in the program can be invited to apply for NHS as a senior with a strong GPA, and participation in community service and volunteering.  As Mrs. Bradley has said, being in NHS means “you’re the best of the best!”
Seniors stand tall over Juniors in annual Powder Puff match
Last Saturday’s annual Powder Puff flag-football matchup was a close, tense battle.
Until the coin toss, that is.
In what looked to be a rainy, sloppy affair all week, the seniors posted a 42-0 rout over the juniors on a surprisingly dry, sunny afternoon.  Led by quarterback Abby Ehrenborg and all-purpose back Madison Dolby, the seniors raced out to a 20-0 first-quarter lead and mashed the pedal to the floor in front of an enthusiastic crowd.
The juniors made a tremendous goal line stand at the beginning of the second-quarter, backing the seniors up to the five after starting at the one-yard line A first down moved the chains and got the juniors some breathing room out just past their own 20 yard-line.
However, just when the juniors had any chance of gaining momentum and cutting into the lead,  Dolby stepped in front of an errant pass and bolted to the end zone with an interception,  essentially putting the proverbial nail in the coffin. The seniors cruised the rest of the way, winning 42-0.
All week the weather forecast called for a soggy gridiron showdown, but instead the sun came out to shine. Unlike previous years, the temperatures were pleasant.
Students offer tips to fight flu bug this winter
Flu season is right around the corner and everyone is trying to avoid getting sick. Here are some tips to avoid getting sick this season.
Take your vitamins: Vitamin D is pivotal to preventing any sickness. During the winter, your vitamin D levels get low due to the sun not being out as much.
Avoid contact with your face: do not touch your face too much because your hands carry not only your books, but also germs.
Eat yogurt: in a study featured in Clinical Nutrition that people who ate greek yogurt every day reduced their risk of getting sick by 27 percent.
Drink tea instead of coffee: green tea contains a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate can damage influenza virus particles and stop them from entering your system.
Get vaccinated: not everyone likes getting shots, but it will prevent you from the annoying flu virus. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and rid yourself of the flu bug.
Change sweeteners: Research has also shown sweetener called xylitol can prevent Streptococcus pneumoniae from staying in your body.
Maintain a sleep schedule: Having a sleep schedule prevents sickness too.
Consider homeopathic options: A study in the Journal of Microbiology found that when colonies of Streptococcus pyogene, or strep throat, were treated with manuka honey, the bacteria count fell by up to 85 percent.

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