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Senior of the Month named
January’s senior of the month is Emma Bookwalter. Emma is the daughter of Kimber and Meg Bookwalter of Unionville Center.
Throughout high school she has participated in basketball, National Honor Society, FCCLA, Interact Club, Foreign Language Club, and Science Club. She is employed at Cheryl’s Cookies and volunteers with Second Chance Ministries.
After graduation she plans to attend The Ohio State University to major in psychology. When asked what advice she has for the underclassmen, she replied, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help even if it makes you feel dumb.”

Cagers play at Hoosiers Gym
By: Gage Garlinghouse
Over this past winter break the Fairbanks Panthers Basketball Team had the exciting opportunity of playing a game in the famous Hoosier Gym in Kingstown, Indiana. The game took place on the 28th of December, and hosted both Fairbanks and North Union.
The idea originally was spurred by North Union and was encouraged greatly by the Fairbanks athletic staff. Mr. Morris, the Fairbanks Athletic Director said, “I felt like it would be a memorable experience for the players.” This would turn out to be true as senior player Mason Winkle said, “It was fun. I mean I hate that we lost but yeah it was cool.”
The reason this chance is so amazing is because the Hoosier Gym is a very famous and historic gym that currently serves as a museum and exhibition hall. The gym most famously was used as a filming location for the 1986 movie Hoosiers, starring Gene Hackman and Denis Hopper. The film is widely remembered by fans as one of the best basketball movies of all time.
This was not always the desired purpose of the gym. The original construction of the gym was to foster the Kingstown children’s athletic community and give them a place to play basketball, which to this day is what the gym continues to do.
However, as stated before, the basketball team did lose their Hoosier Experience game. This has not deterred the team’s experience though as the vast majority enjoyed getting to play in this historic gym. It has not deterred Coach Justin George either as he said, “It was a nice experience for the players and the community,”
The positive effect wasn’t just for the team but as Mr. George also said, “We even had people make the trip who didn’t regularly come to the games.”

FFA prepares for new year
By: Linsey Eddy
Happy New Year! The Fairbanks FFA Chapter had a phenomenal 2019, and has high expectations for the coming year. Last December, the novice and advanced Parliamentary Procedure teams competed in the state contest, placing third and second in their heats. The chapter joined NHS and FCCLA in Christmas caroling at various nursing homes on December 11th. This fun activity was followed by the chapter’s annual holiday party, where members enjoyed pizza and participated in a gift exchange and a Christmas game challenge. Fairbanks FFA members also supported the community through the holidays by providing gifts and a meal to a family in need for Christmas.
This month offered several leadership and learning opportunities for FFA members. On January 9, Keagan Nicol and Linsey Eddy, spoke at the 8th grade informational meeting and encouraged the future high schoolers to take part in ag and all of the academic, social, and career-readiness opportunities FFA presents. On the 17th, Carter Shultz, Wyatt Rausch, Alex Blumenshein, Noah Rausch, Cade Zeigler, Grant Rausch, and Jake Stewart accompanied FFA advisor, Mr. Riddle, to Der Dutchman for a presentation on precision farming.
Members are looking forward a chance to relax in the next few weeks with a chapter trip to The Chiller for ice skating and a club meeting. Furthermore, many upperclassmen have been hard at work and have high hopes in earning their State and American FFA Degrees, as well as FFA Proficiency awards; best of luck to them!

Foreign Language Club created

By: Livvy Bellas
After previous French teacher, Mrs. Wilburn, moved, many wondered if Foreign Language club would continue, and who would take her spot as its supervisor. Thankfully this year at Fairbanks, Ms. Espada, took over the club, introducing new activities to expose kids to various different cultures. At her old school, Village Academy, Ms. Espada was in charge of the Spanish club for years, focusing mostly on travel and coordinating trips.
Here at Fairbanks however, she decided that she wanted to focus on introducing students to different traditions and ways of life around the world. She believes that the only way for students to properly learn a language is to understand the context in which it was formed, exploring the culture of these different places.
Foreign Language club meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 am before class starts. The meetings are laid back; open to everyone but with no required attendance. This club has been received very well by students, usually having about 10-30 people show up.
One of the most popular meetings that foreign language club has had is when they learned about the Day of the Dead, making Spanish marigold flowers out of paper and homemade hot chocolate. In the future, Mrs. Espada hopes to expand the club even further, meeting outside of school for a Columbus Crew soccer game and raising money to help Puerto Rico after their hurricanes. Eventually, she hopes to be able to take a trip, fully immersing Fairbanks students into new, diverse cultures.

New graduation requirements begin for Class of 2023

By: Lexi Murray
If you are a student or parent of a 2023 graduate or beyond, you will want to read this.
This year at Fairbanks, the freshman and eighth grade students were given a talk about their new graduation requirements. Along with the upperclassmen, these students will still have to complete 21 credits in specified subjects over four years such as 4 credits in English and mathematics, 3 credits for social studies and science, 1⁄2 credit each for health and physical education (unless the student has completed the PE waiver), and 4.5 credits for electives. However, what has changed is the Ohio state testing.
Previously students had to take seven tests throughout their four years of high school in a variety of important subjects and the points scored on those tests had to add up to at least eighteen points to graduate. Now, students have to take six of those tests, but only have to pass Algebra 1 and English 2. If they do not pass both they have the option to retake the test or go to one of three options: demonstrate two career-focused activities from a list of six, enlist in the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines), or complete college coursework that covers the same material as Algebra 1 and English 2. Once students have completed the second step towards graduation there is only one step left. Students have to acquire two seals for their diploma from a list of twelve. Such seals include honors diploma seal, military enlistment seal, community service seal, etc. These three steps are required for the class of 2023 and beyond, but current students can also select this path if they choose.

Mock Trial advances to regionals
By: Madeline Conroy
Last week Fairbanks’ Mock Trial teams went to their district competition. After many months of practicing and reviewing the case, the teams were ready for district competition. Their preparation included a scrimmage at the OSU-Buckeye Brawl, which was a great experience for all the newcomers to understand the rules and practice thinking on their feet.
Fairbanks had three teams that were competing on Friday January 17th. Team fLAWless went to the Delaware County Courthouse. Their defensive side went against Delaware Hayes and won. Their plaintiff side went against Westerville North and unfortunately lost. To move on you needed both the plaintiff and the defense to win so woefully they will not be moving on. The other two teams were at the Union County Courthouse. Both teams went against Marysville’s mock trial teams. Team Justice League unfortunately lost both trials and will not be moving on. However, Team Law and Disorder won both trials and placed first by accumulating the most total points. Law and Disorder will be moving on to regional competition on Friday, February 7th. The location is still unknown at this time, but they are now preparing for their upcoming regional competition.

Drama Club rehearses for musical
By: Grace Koenig
This year, Fairbanks Drama Club presents to you, “Bye Bye Birdie”! This thrilling, energetic musical will make you laugh, and even make you say “aww”. When a big pop star, Conrad Birdie, is drafted into the war, he must make his last and biggest debut before leaving; and along with this big debut, Conrad will kiss one lucky girl good-bye. This amazing musical, directed and produced by Mrs. Cooper along with Mrs. Holbrook, will be performed by the many hardworking students of Fairbanks High School and middle school. Auditions to find the talented students to put on this show were held on Thursday, January 16th, and parts were announced soon after on Sunday, January 19th. The cast and crew are excited and have already started practicing as of Tuesday, January 21. The musical will be held on April 17th, 18th, and 19th at the Union County Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

NHS wraps up 2019 with service
By: Megan Stallings
On Sunday December 8, NHS went Christmas shopping for families in need. Thirteen members went to Wal-Mart and bought presents for four children. Students shopped aided by lists made with details such as the child’s age, favorite color, hobbies, and other interests as well as some items on their wish list. The children’s identities were kept completely anonymous. With the help of these lists, members looked carefully to find the best gifts they could. The presents were packed and sent to the children in the community. This activity took about two hours and was a great way for the group to spread joy around the Fairbanks community.

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