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Senior of the month
October’s Senior of the Month is Kira Jones. She is the daughter of Rachel and Byron Jones of Milford Center. She is involved in Youth Group, National Honor Society, science club, international club, softball, volleyball, cheerleading and will be a part of the bowling team. She is also the president of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America and vice president of her 4H club. She is currently employed at Leeds Farm. After high school, she hopes to attend the University of Akron and major in family consumer sciences. When asked what advice she has for the underclassmen, she said: “Get involved. Don’t wait until junior or senior year to get involved in various clubs just for college applications. Actually, take the time to check a club out and see if it’s something that interests you. You’ll be glad that you did.”
FFA news
By Grace Blumenschein
These past few months have been full of fun activities in the Fairbanks FFA chapter.
First, the FFA members elected its new reporter, Grace Blumenschein. A few days after that, some of the officers went to the Ohio Legislative Leadership Conference, where they learned about agriculture education and were prepared on how to talk with the legislators. Five Members attended the District Soil & Water soil judging competition. For all of them being first time soil judgers, they all did a very good job.
On October 3rd all of the FFA officers went to the District 6 officer training. They learned good leadership skills and had the privilege of meeting two of the state’s officers.
From Oct. 25 to 28, 16 members will go to the National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are all very excited about being able to attend this convention and they can’t wait to see all of the people who have made major accomplishes in the FFA.
By Coree Gifford
October wasn’t the only thing Panther students were looking forward to during the last week of September.
Before the month of September could come to a close, the famous fall homecoming had to occur! On Sept. 30, almost all Panther students were preparing for the homecoming dance that would take place from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. later that night. Not only was the night of homecoming a blast, but the week before gave the students something to look forward to.
The week was a success, from the spirit themes that took place all throughout the week to the bonfire on Thursday, to yet again another exciting football game that Friday.
“This was one of the best homecomings I’ve been to,” said sophomore Emma Cook. “There is no better way to spend time with your friends and still have a blast.”
Others said that the dance was “lively” and “a very relaxing time for themselves and their friends.”
Homecoming dances will always be important to Fairbanks students, but the fall homecoming of 2017 will always be one to remember.
FCCLA news
By Kira Jones
FCCLA hosted its first lock-in Sept. 15 and 16, and the Fairbanks Cancer Crusaders is raising money for charity.
The lock-in featured movies, leadership games, volleyball and food. With around 30 members in attendance, both old and new, the night was one to remember. Students paid cash and three canned goods in order to be admitted. All donated items, as well as half the money, went to the Hope Center, along with donated items from the last coffee shop.
The Fairbanks Cancer Crusaders expanded to Marysville and Jonathan Alder. Shannon Conroy brought Cancer Crusaders to Fairbanks as her competition project last year. This year, her goal is to raise $5,000 between the three schools and they have raised $980.19 so far.
Fairbanks and Jonathan Alder are holding another Cancer Crusaders event today. There are still several events, so stop by to enjoy the game and support cancer patients.
Girls soccer player joins football team
By Erin Ward
Megan Olson is a senior at Fairbanks High School (FHS) this year.
She is also a kicker for the FHS football team. She says she decided to join the team because of her grandfather and how excited the team was.
“Before my grandpa passed away in April of this year, he had suggested doing it and thought I would really enjoy it,” she said. “After he passed, I knew I had to at least try out for him.”
When the team found out that she was thinking about joining the team, they were very excited, and that convinced her to join the team. The FHS fans, specifically the 109, the student section, have also been very excited about her being on the team. The 109 created a cheer just for her that they chant every time she goes out for a kick.
As for the coaches and players, she said they have all been excited and supportive during games and practices, always quick to give advice or support if she is having a bad day or missed a kick. Coaches from other teams have also been encouraging, saying they are impressed with her and wish her good luck. Players on the opposing teams haven’t treated her differently because the only time she interacts with them is when they shake hands after games. However, she has faced challenges being the only girl on the team.
“The biggest challenge I have faced is definitely locker rooms at away games,” she says. “Usually, the other team doesn’t have an additional locker room for me so sometimes I change in small bathroom stalls or in the equipment trailer, which is an experience.”
She said the uniform and pads are also hard for her to put on, especially in such a small space.
Her soccer coach and parents are very excited for her to be a part of the team. At first, her coach was hesitant, but when he realized she would only be doing field goals and extra points, he was excited. Both of her parents encouraged her to do it from the beginning. Her mom was a little worried about kickoffs, but when she told her she would be running off the field right afterwards, she was okay with it.
Her favorite parts of the season so far involve the relationships she has formed with the players and all the support she has received from her teammates, friends, the student section, and all the other fans. Her longest field goal so far has been 37 yards and she has scored a total of 40 points.
FHS would like to wish her good luck in her last games.
5 Minutes for Life
By Shannon Conroy
Ohio State Troopers and Ohio National Guard members are leading a program called “5 Minutes for Life,” which encourages living a drug-free lifestyle.
For five minutes, the officers talk to student-athletes, before or after practice, about responsible decision-making, leadership and encouraging those in their peer groups to live a drug-free lifestyle. The program is sponsored by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Ohio National Guard and the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Union County (MHRBUC).
There are many Fairbanks students involved in this program, who will be taking part in a home football and basketball game this year, sponsored by “5 Minutes for Life.” In spring, they can take part in the We Are the Majority rally at the statehouse. At these events, the students will hand out information to parents on having conversations with their kids on the dangers of drugs. Their next meeting is today at Fairbanks High School’s cafeteria, where they will set dates for winter and spring events.
The Fairbanks advisers for this program are Joey Newell as well as Holly Zweizig, the Prevention Coordinator of the MHRBUC. The “5 Minutes for Life” program is a key component of Ohio’s youth drug prevention initiative called “Start Talking!” which was created by Governor John Kasich and first lady Karen Kasich in January, 2014, to help prevent drug use before it starts.
The key to a successful program is to find students willing to be a “5 Minutes for Life” ambassador. An ambassador is a student leader, role-model and mentor to peers in and outside the classroom. Student ambassadors know the importance of living healthy, drug-free lives and help share this life-changing message with their peers. They also lead by example at school and in the community by sharing a three to five-minute message about the importance of staying drug-free to their peer group. On two occasions, they share a message and have their adviser or coach confirm, and also participate in at least one event to pass out “Start Talking!” materials to parents.
If any students are interested in joining this group, they should stop by the office and ask for more information on “5 Minutes for Life.”
The 109
By Jordan Curry
The Fairbanks High School student section has been making a strong appearance at a variety of athletic events these past couple years.
As the size of the student section grows, its spirit is changing the atmosphere of every game they attend. Last school year, it was given the name “The 109,” an identity that will forever stay with Fairbanks High School throughout the years. The leader of The 109 this school year is senior Megan King. She keeps the student section loud and cheering every game as they come up with new and interesting cheers to chant at each athletic event.
The themes for games are chosen by King at the beginning of the season and she posts the dates and the corresponding themes for that game on The 109’s Twitter page (@Fairbanks109). Some of the themes include spirit wear, beach night, jersey night, neon night, USA night, proud farmers and pink out, as well as many others.
Principal Tom Montgomery fully supports The 109’s efforts to create a supportive and fun atmosphere at every game.
“One of the best student sections in the area and they do a good job of appropriately representing the school as a whole,” Montgomery said. “It’s good to have them representing us.”
As well as the school’s athletic director, Larry Morris, who stated,
Athletic director Larry Morris echoed Montgomery’s sentiment.
“We are so proud of the @Fairbanks109 school spirit for the fall season,” Morris said. “It means a great deal to the athletes competing to have genuine enthusiasm supporting their efforts.”
The players immensely appreciate the support given throughout the duration of every game The 109 attends. The 109’s Twitter page posts upcoming games as well as tweets regarding any type of support possible for every sports team.
Lions Club holds dance
By Kira Jones
The Milford Center Lions Club held a community dance Oct. 14 to raise money for scholarships for Fairbanks students.
The dance was very fun; all the dances were easy to learn and follow. The other people attending were helpful and patient with the new dancers. The caller picked dances that any generation may know, like the Cupid shuffle, Virginia reel, “Cha-Cha Slide” and the chicken dance for the little ones. Along with dancing, the Lions Club held three mini cake walks and a 50/50 raffle.

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