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Macy Wanamaker


Fairbanks students attend OHC Arts Festival
By Kate White
On March 12, Fairbanks students attended the Ohio Heritage Conference Fine Arts Festival. Choir, band, and visual arts students were invited from every school in the OHC. The choir students worked on three pieces, practicing as a whole group and in sectionals. The band rehearsed as a full band with four pieces, and then broke off into groups based on instruments.
The visual arts students worked individually to create mass projects together. At the end of the day, the choir and band students performed in a concert for the community, and the visual arts students displayed personal works as well as their group projects.
OSU Guest Speakers
By Grace Koenig
Thanks to Mrs. Tebbe and Mr. Thaman, the AP Biology and regular Biology classes were able to have another amazing learning experience from eight OSU students and their professor that came to visit and talk to these classes about Gel Electrophoresis and other, various science careers. These guest students, ranging from undergrad to doctoral students and majoring in molecular biology and other genetic fields, came to Fairbanks high school on an Alternative Spring Break. They talked to Mrs. Tebbe’s AP and regular biology class and the gave the students another chance to do Gel Electrophoresis and talk with real-life college students about college, life after high school, and careers in science.
Juniors Preparing for Prom
By Lexi Murray
Fairbanks High Schools 2019 prom is fast approaching. The theme for prom is Once Upon a Midnight, based on Disney’s Cinderella and is to be held on April 27. Setup for prom is in the hands of the junior class lead by Mrs. Karla Wygle. They have set up prom decorating for every Thursday at 6pm and regular attendees consist of the junior student council members and typically three to four other juniors. Junior student council urges and would very much appreciate more participation from more of the junior class in setting up. The school will be open for a viewing from 6-7 p.m. on prom night where the parents and students can walk around the school and see the decorations. Parents wishing to see their children off into the prom are welcomed to witness the Promenade where the students walk in at the front of the school at 7:15 p.m. Prom then will begin at 8 p.m. and last until 11 p.m. Students are very excited to attend prom and have a night they will never forget.
Senior of the month
April’s senior of the month is Macy Wanamaker. Macy is the daughter of Doug and Jenny Wanamaker of Milford Center. Throughout high school she has been involved in soccer, basketball, FFA, Interact Club, National Honor Society, Science Club, Student Council, and Young Life. She volunteers at Memorial Hospital and through Young Life. She is employed at The Maize and Adams Brothers Farm. After graduation she plans to attend The University of Cincinnati to major in Biomedical Sciences. When asked what advice she has for the underclassmen, she replied, “Remember to live out your High School experience and have fun, while staying focused on your schoolwork. The time goes fast, do not waste it.”
Fairbanks French and Global Foods Classes Trip to Quebec
By Livvy Bellas
Last month, 14 Fairbanks students went on a trip to Quebec, Canada. French teacher Katherine Wilburn and Family Consumer Science teacher Laura Falk chaperoned the trip, which was open to students in either of their classes. The trip was planned through the travel company Explore America and included another high school, Cambri High School, from Richmond B.C. After months of planning, the students met at the airport early in the morning on March 18th and boarded their flight. After arriving in the province of Quebec, they first visited the city of Montreal, exploring the many different shops and landmarks that it had to offer. While in Montreal, they went on a tour of the Notre Dame Basilica, hiked to the outlook of Mont Royale, and then went to the Museé Grévin Wax Museum.
After spending two days in Montreal, Fairbanks drove to Quebec city, which has preserved more of the traditional culture of the region. Although both places spoke primarily French, the French language and traditions were stronger in Quebec City, especially Old Quebec, which contained traditional European style architecture. Students were not only immersed in the French culture but were also able to learn about the long history of Quebec. The scenery was beautiful, including the magnificent Montgomery Falls. Although it was a cold way to spend the week before spring break, the students from Fairbanks learned a lot about the way of life in Quebec and had valuable experiences that they will never forget, including trying the region’s most popular dish, fries covered in cheese and gravy, called poutine. They arrived back in the United States on Saturday, March 23, after seven days out of the country. The trip was an incredibly immersive experience, and they are all very glad to be able to have gone on such a fun trip.
Senior Happenings
By Gracie Tomblin
May is quickly approaching, which means the end of the 2018-2019 school year. There are a lot of senior events coming up in May. For their annual senior trip, the seniors will be going to Cedar Point. The seniors are excited for this upcoming trip. The bus will leave the high school at 7 a.m. and the students will be at the amusement park all day until they arrive back at school around 10 p.m. There will also be a senior picnic on May 15 to celebrate their last official day of their high school career. Other exciting things have been happening for the senior class including approaching scholarship deadlines, college acceptance letters, signing days, the start of the last semester, and graduation. The month of May always brings many fun activities. It signifies the beginning of the end of high school and also the beginning of their new chapter of life. The school will hold an awards ceremony in the gym to honor students for scholarships they have won and special awards. There will also be a slideshow showing pictures and memories of the students from their kindergarten years all the way up to now. Being a senior and graduating is a really big deal, and Fairbanks High School does a great job of showing their love for them. Graduation will be held on May 25th on the school’s football field.
National Honor Society
By Marissa Fornadel
This month NHS has been adjusting to having more members than ever before. After the induction of 33 new members NHS started Pennies for Patients and collected $300. As the school year nears the end, NHS will be helping with graduation and volunteering around the community at the local nursing homes. NHS would like to thank everyone who donated to Pennies for Patients and all the members for helping out around the school!
FFA Relief Project
By Ayden Adams
The week after spring break the Fairbanks FFA chapter hosted a supply drive for farmers in need in Nebraska. Many people in the school did not know that the midwest had a horrible flooding that killed thousands of livestock and destroyed hundreds of acres. The chapter had the students bring in everyday items, first aid kits for both livestock and humans, and personal hygiene necessities. One hundred and fifty items were brought in from the district to take to Mechanicsburg for the disaster relief drop off. Mechanicsburg then took a truck out to people in Nebraska to assist with the care of farms.

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