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Featured Senior
 Colt Biehl
By Henry Lautenschlager
Colt T. Biehl, son of Stephen and Avis Biehl, will be graduating from Marysville high school as part of the class of 2017. Throughout high school, Colt has been an active member of the bowling team for two years as well as running and throwing for the track team for three years. Outside of class, Colt can be found helping with the special Olympics bowling program and helping his brother at the Raymond Methodist Church. As his high school experience nears an end, Colt says his favorite memory of MHS would be working as an office worker for Mrs. Philipot and all of the fun jokes and memories attached to that experience. The thing Colt will miss most about MHS is all of the wonderful teachers and the memories made with friends and teachers. After high school, Colt plans to attend Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy for his education.
Featured Senior
 Evan Etherington
By Henry Lautenschlager
Evan Etherington, son of Leah and Keith Etherington, is a 2017 senior at Marysville High School. During his time at MHS, Evan has been in FFA for three years and DECA for two. Evan has also started a Friday morning motivation club within the high school and also dedicates his time to that to engage students with one another. Evan’s favorite memory of MHS was the Friday homecoming dance lessons with the large crowd and lots of interaction with his fellow students. The thing he will miss most about MHS is being surrounded by his friends and meeting people from his age group and hometown. After graduation, Evan intends to continue farming while furthering his education in the business field.
Featured Senior
Kathleen Kennedy
By Henry Lautenschlager
Kathleen Kennedy, daughter of Sharon and Brian Kennedy, is a senior in the class of 2017 at Marysville High School. Through her four years at MHS, Kathleen has been active in track & field, gymnastics, leadership academy and peer collaboration. Outside of school, she dedicates her time to club gymnastics often. Kathleen’s favorite memory of MHS is taking part in school sports and staying together and competing as a team. After graduating, Kathleen says she will miss the friends she has made in high school the most. Following graduation, she plans to attend a 4-year college to study either accounting or actuarial science. Congratulations to Kathleen for her accomplishments as a student at Marysville High.
Featured Senior
Madison Salyer
By Henry Lautenschlager
Madison Salyer, daughter of Randy and Chip Salyer, is a graduating senior at Marysville High School. Through her four years, Madison has been very active in the high school. She has played softball and been active in both leadership academy and student council. Outside the classroom, Madison often donates her time to the Columbus Zoo as well as Memorial Hospital. Her favorite memory as a student at MHS was getting the chance to experience the softball tournament her junior year and making it to the regional finals. The things Madison will miss most about MHS are the school events, her teammates, going to sporting events and the people and staff members she has grown close to during her four years. After high school, Madison plans to attend college to become a physical therapist assistant.
Film Club Sparks Interest
By Chase Cutarelli
Marysville High School is known for its spectrum of student clubs and organizations. Recently, a new group has emerged, focusing on the study and practice of film. Aptly titled Film Club, the collection of creative minds has analyzed films, read excerpts from a famous script, and even produced their short horror film. The club was founded by myself and senior Hannah Smith, and so far reactions have been extremely positive. “It’s really fun to film after school and go through plots and such,” freshman Emery Bates told in an interview. “I like learning how to film various ways and meeting new people.” Plans include to associate the club with the Mid-Ohio Film Association (MOFA), a board overseeing several film festivals around the state. It sponsors a short film contest later this month; a competition Film Club intends to participate shortly. “The whole idea with MOFA is a cool idea,” Bates added. So far, the group contains ten members and is advised by English professor Dr. Koukis.
Japanese Expanding Its Knowledge
By Emi Penny and Madison Bushong
The Japanese program at the Marysville High school is expanding to the elementary schools this month. Beginning on Wednesday, February 1st there will be fun, interactive Japanese classes once a week for the third and fourth-grade students. This program is free to everyone, and it goes until March 1st. The Japanese National Honors Society students are leading this program and helping to teach the elementary students through games, play, and mini lessons. From this, the Japanese program hopes to shed light to parents and students about what is involved in the Japanese classes. In the future, we hope to see returning students who are excited to learn Japanese.
Showchoir Update
By Shelby McSwords
The past two weeks have been an excellent start to the show choir season for both of Marysville’s groups. The Bunsold Middle School “Mini Swingers” kicked off their season by being awarded Grand Champions at Beavercreek Midwest Show Choir Classic on Friday, January 13th. They were also awarded with Best Vocals and eighth grader Megan Volrath was awarded with Best Performer from the group that evening. The following weekend, January 20th and 21st, Marysville High School was packed with show choirs from all over Ohio. Perhaps more exciting, the first ever Marysville Showcase strictly for middle schools! The members of the Mini Swingers were ecstatic to host their first competition, and the event passed with flying colors. The middle school, Grand Champion award, went to Fairfield Middle School “Rhythm Express”, who swept the awards ceremony and left the high school carrying awards for Best Vocals, Best Choreography, and Best Costumes.
The following day, members of Marysville “Swingers Unlimited” and parent volunteers started arriving for a long day of show choir. The show choir world had been full of chatter, as 3 of the most famous show choirs in Ohio would be competing at MHS:  Loveland High School “By Request,” Fairfield Senior High School “Choraliers,” and Solon “Music In Motion.” Daytime awards put the three predictably in the top three places – “Choraliers” in Grand Champion, Loveland High School “By Request” in First Runner Up,and Solon “Music In Motion”. In Second Runner Up; at night they would compete again against each other as well as Beavercreek High School “Friends”, Ross High School “Rhythm in Motion”, and Edgewood High School “Choraliers”. After the premiere of the full “Swingers Unlimited” show, the final standings were solidified. Grand Champion went to Loveland High School along with a sweep collecting Best Vocals, Best Band, and Best Choreography. Fairfield Senior High School was awarded First Runner Up, Solon High School was awarded Best Crew, and Best Costumes.
Keeping the season rolling, the Marysville “Swingers Unlimited” traveled to Bishop Dwenger High School for their Summit Show Choir Invitational on January 28th. Despite one of the buses breaking down on the way home, the Swingers had a great first weekend of competing. The group took home Grand Champion, Best Music, Best Visuals, and Best General Effect. Senior Shelby McSwords tied for Best Female Soloist with Emily Harrigan from Bishop Luers High School, and senior Hailey Lewis won best performer from the group that evening. Both the “Mini Swingers” and “Swingers Unlimited” will be competing at Marion Harding Singsational on February 4th.
Musical Update
By Shelby McSwords
Recently MHS announced its 2017 Spring musical: “The Music Man”! Directors Lois Everitt and Libby Hainrihar took a lot of time to decide and consider their options and felt as if this was going to be the best fit for the current classes at MHS. More than that, they considered the past few shows Marysville has down. In recent years, MHS has chosen to do more modern shows, and have gotten phenomenal response. “Footloose” got a great response from the community. However, it is never a bad idea to return to more of the “Classic Broadway” style because the “Golden Age” or “Classical Age” of Broadway was from 1943-1959 and the show categorized as such due to its original production year which was 1957. Since deciding on the show, the directing duo has starting prepping: creating posters, recruiting orchestra members, and stagehands; recently there has been rumor that set work has already begun. Students at MHS have also been prepping for their audition, many hoping for the roles of the traveling salesman Harold Hill, River City librarian Marian Paroo, and many other fantastic roles from the iconic production. Auditions for “The Music Man” will be held on February 6th and 7th, callbacks will be on the 9th, and the Cast is expected to be announced on the 10th of February.
Treatment for All
By Reyna Green
In Marysville High School on December 2nd, Megan Dailey of the Women’s’ Reformatory located in Marysville Ohio was a guest speaker; for Mr. Scott Hamilton’s Psychology classes. Megan Dailey works in the residential treatment at the Ohio Women’s Reformatory. Over the past few weeks, the class has been learning about psychological disorders, and Ms. Dailey came in to give the students a deeper understanding of psychological disorders.
She had described a few common psychological diagnosed disorders that were common among inmates in prison to the classes, explaining a few ways she helps citizens of Ohio. Ms. Dailey gave a deeper understanding to the students on how she can help people with psychological disorders function in society or general population upon release from the prison. The students also had another guest speaker named Kristina Wills, on December 8th. Kristina Wills works at Maryhaven in Union County; she is a part of Union County Mental Health. Mrs. Wills is a supervisor of everyone who works with kids and families in the Maryhaven agency. She gave information to students on how Maryhaven can help people of all income rates receive mental health and additional services. Kristina Wills had also given a few statistics to the students on mental illnesses that are common amongst Ohio. Mrs. Wills had also given further information to the students about substance abuse treatment, and how Maryhaven serves life crisis scenarios just as much as a mental health crisis.
Overall, the psychology classes taught by Mr. Hamilton were further informed about psychological disorders and common symptoms of those people who are treated for those disorders; helping the students gain more knowledge for possible future career paths.
A Global Experience Right In Ohio
By Dayo Adeoye
Imagine being able to transport from country to country, learn about the beautiful rivers of Africa, experience the coconut qualities of a Russians, all in one place. Through the Global Scholars program, Marysville High School Sophomores (and some Juniors) get to experience just that without leaving the state. The purpose of Global Scholars Program (GSP) is to instill a world view among teens as our world becomes more and more connected. This is done through various hands-on cross-cultural field trips, as well as immersion based projects to get a new sense of our reality. This reality is the fact that in our day and age, success is only strengthened with global knowledge and connections. Our goal is to work towards a degree of points that will equate to a Global Scholar certification upon graduation. As a member of Global Scholars myself, this opportunity is one that I am very fortunate to be a part of at Marysville High School. One of my favorite memories is going to the Honda Heritage Museum, here in Marysville, and getting to learn about various global careers from speakers from all over the world. The icing on the cake was also getting a surprise visit, from actor Michael B. Jordan (famous for his leading roles in the movie, Creed, Fantastic Four, Fruitvale Station, etc.). The program itself is three years long, and strictly for sophomores, yet although I am a junior my new passion for the program has motivated me to squeeze three years of work into two. GSP has enabled me to meet so many great people and make connections with people from all facets of life. I’ve learned how to get out of my “inner tube” and expand my levels of comfort as well as acquire new lenses in which we perceive the world.

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