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MHS class of 2017 reflection
By Kellar McCloy
As the days are dwindling, excitement and anticipation follow the seniors of Marysville High School, as we’re all thinking about how the past four years have gone by so quickly.
We were warned as freshmen how quickly it would end: the sleepless nights of studying, all of the fun at sporting events, school dances and all the other school activities such as show choir, NHS and FFA. As our high school education is coming to an end, we are anticipating what will follow.
Looking back, I see how much the class of 2017 has grown. As I think back to the first day of school as a freshman, I remember how we were all elated to have our new, bright red lockers and our student IDs given to us. We all started out in the same classes, slowly branching out and growing up. We awkwardly walked into the cafeteria, much bigger than the middle school’s cafeteria, while trying to find what table we would sit at for the rest of the year. All of the memories and friendships that we made would help shape us and prepare us for the following years to come.
I remember all of the faculty talking to us during freshmen orientation, and I could never imagine building such incredible relationships with my teachers. I have seen how they have put even more effort into making us succeed, staying after school with us to help with an AP exam or with a difficult essay. Year after year, class after class, and they did everything, and more, for us. I can’t imagine taking all of the honors or AP courses without their help.
I know many of us benefitted from our teachers help when we were struggling with any course. From Physics and Spanish clubs, to Catseye and Film clubs, we’ve been able to appreciate our teachers and have them as our role models. Looking at all of the work they have done to help us get to the end of our senior year — along with help from the rest of the guidance, librarians, administration and other support staff — I thank them all.
These past four years may have gone by in a blink of an eye, but all of the memories we made will stay with us forever. We will look back and remember all of the PTBM chants at pep rallies and sporting events. Our class stuck together and made it to our final year. Wherever life leads us, we will always be proud to be Monarchs and will carry that pride with us. Thank you, Marysville High School.

Featured senior: MacKenzie Brandfass
By Chase Cutarelli
Mackenzie Brandfass, daughter of Joee and Kevin Brandfass, is graduating from Marysville High School.
She is an active senior who participates in Leo Club, NC4K, volleyball and, most recently, the spring musical “The Music Man.” She is a member of National Honor Society, has an STNA license, volunteers at Memorial Hospital and tutors elementary school students.
She said her favorite memories at school involve her performance in “The Music Man,” and “going out of my comfort zone and trying out for the musical as a senior, and making new friends.”
After graduation, she will miss her father and friends, as well as all of the memories in the halls. She will attend Otterbein University in the fall to become a nurse.

Featured senior: Madison Bushong
By Shae Leeper
Madison Paige Bushong, daughter of Amy and Craig Bushong, is graduating from Marysville High School (MHS).
She has been involved in various clubs and activities throughout high school, such as Japanese Club, Japanese National Honor Society and peer collaboration. Outside of school, she can be found playing powderpuff football, reading a good book or hanging out with friends.
One of her favorite memories from high school involved representing MHS in Education First’s summer trip to Japan. What she’ll miss the most about MHS are the teachers who she has come to know very well.
Upon graduation, she will be attending Mount Vernon Nazarene University, where she will major in criminal justice.

Featured senior: Henry Lautenschlager
By Shae Leeper
Henry Jacob Lautenschlager, son of Cassie Fudge and Douglas Lautenschlager, is graduating from Marysville High School.
He stayed very active throughout his years in high school, participating in Leo Club, peer collaboration, In the Halls, as vice president of 4-H, tennis, mock trial and rugby. His favorite thing to do outside of school is snowboarding.
One of his favorite memories from MHS involved traveling on three spring break trips and getting to explore foreign countries. He has grown close to many teachers over the years and he is going to miss seeing them.
Upon graduation, he will be attending Cleveland State, where he will major in environmental science.


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