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Featured Senior: Katelynn Russell
By Henry Lautenschlager
Katelynn Ann Russell, daughter of Michael and Sherry Russell, has been a very active student in the Marysville High School senior class. Through her years she has been involved in softball, leadership academy and has been a football manager. Outside of class, Katelynn often donates her time to volunteering at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Her favorite memory of MHS is from her junior year when the softball team made it to the regional final, and they had the opportunity to play at Ohio State. She was also voted the 2016 OCC player of the year and 2nd team All-State for her team in softball. The one thing Katelynn will miss most about MHS is the sense of community and knowing everyone, understanding that it will not be like that in college. After graduation, Katelynn will be attending Ohio State in the fall to major in early childhood education. Congratulations Katelynn!
Featured Senior: Emi Penny
By Henry Lautenschlager
Emi Penny, daughter of Morgan and Waka Penny, is a well established senior set to graduate from Marysville High School. Through her years at MHS, Emi has been a part of National Honor Society, president of Japanese National Honor Society, Japanese club, and Leo club. Additionally, Emi spends time volunteering at the local humane society and peer collaborating in the special education classrooms at the high school. Some of Emily’s favorite memories of MHS include prom, football games and the time she has spent working in the special education classrooms. The two things she will miss most about MHS are all of her friends and teachers that she has had the opportunity to meet over the years. After graduation, Emi will be attending Ohio State to major in international business and Japanese and hopes to study abroad as well. Congratulations Emi!
Featured Senior: Joey Watts
By Henry Lautenschlager
James Joseph Watts, son of Jim and Jennifer Watts, is a very active senior at MHS. He has played baseball for all four years, football from 9-11 grade, FFA member and a member of Leadership Academy. Outside school, Joey dedicates time to helping with the special Olympics sports teams and also enjoys hunting and fishing. His favorite memory of MHS is all of the time he has spent playing baseball with his teammates from school during school and the summer. He remembers all of the great memories made in the hotels, at restaurants and on the field. The thing Joey will miss most about high school are the memories he has with his friends and taking the necessary steps to go to the next level toward his future. After high school, Joey plans to attend a four-year college and play baseball at the collegiate level.
Catseye Update
By Chase Cutarelli
Artists and writers abound in Marysville High School, and the answer to their creativity is the Catseye Literary Magazine. Catseye is a hub for poetry, short stories and original artwork, all of which are edited and compiled at the end of the year when the magazine is published for the school. Renewed in 2015 after a five-year hiatus, students of all ages have welcomed the return of the magazine. “I love how we have creative freedom,” freshman Lauren Sullivan explained in an interview. She has been a member of Catseye since September. “You’re surrounded by people who support you and make you a better writer.” The president of the magazine, Regan Dilley, told me her favorite aspects of Catseye. “I really like reading everyone’s work. We roasted each other with poetry which was pretty fun, but it’s rough coming up with ideas.” Dilley also emphasized problems with the group, especially the need for new entrants. “I think we could definitely get more submissions and start editing more.” Sullivan agreed on the topic of submissions, as well as stated the lack of diversity in the club; nearly everyone is female. “More male participants would bring variety to our writing. It’s not just for girls.” Catseye is currently accepting submissions from students and staff at MHS and MECHS with plans to publish in April. The magazine meets on Tuesdays, assisted by senior Kelly Kern and supervised by Dr. Koukis.
Student Athlete Leadership Team
By Faith Engle
The OCC Captain’s Council is a group of students who have been selected by their coaches to represent their teams and further improve their leadership and communication skills. They had a meeting on the 14th of February where they were able to understand further what it means to be a leader on and off the field. At the meeting, Marysville High School students gathered with several other schools to listen and learn leadership techniques and team growth exercises from four different speakers. Each speaker brought up valid points throughout their presentations, for example, one speaker discussed how a leader must be the last one served but the first one to serve. Meaning, that a leader should be willing to give to their team first rather than take from their team and have the mentality that they are the “star” of the team. Overall, the meeting provided students with a way to meet other players and discuss how they each lead their teams and allowed students to bring back positive techniques to better improve themselves and their teams.
Showchoir, Concert, and Contest
By Shelby McSwords
The season has gone well so far for the Marysville Swingers Unlimited. In February, the group competed in Marion, Ohio as well as Chesterton, Indiana and Olentangy, Ohio. At Marion, the group swept with Best Vocals, Best Choreography, and overall Grand Champ. Also awarded was Senior member Ethan Pugh for third place in the solo competition, as well as best male soloist in a group; Junior Peyton Cooper for first place in the solo competition; and Freshman Skylar Saunders for best performer from the group. In Indiana the group placed third overall, awarded with Best Stage Crew, with Junior Allie Williams winning best performer. Most recently, the group visited Olentangy, home of alumni Grace Moore who now assists in directing the Marysville Swingers Unlimited. At this competition, the group placed first overall in daytime and final performances, giving them their third grand championship of the season. They were also awarded Best Combo, Best Vocals, and Best Choreo from the entire competition. Individual award winners included Senior Kaitlyn Deere (second place in Solo Comp) and Junior Blythe Atzbach (Best Performer). The Swingers’ next performance will be on March 2nd at the MHS Choir Concert, featuring all choirs; their last two competitions of the season will take place in Fairfield, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia.
The third quarter concert features all of the choirs at the high school including concert choirs and a cappella choirs. A cappella choirs will be showcasing three of the five songs used for Valentine’s Day song grams. Women’s Select Chorus and Symphonic Choir will be performing three pieces each- pieces they will perform the next day at OMEA Choir Competition. At this competition, the groups are hoping to attain a one and advance to state’s. Furthermore, this is the last choir concert at which the Marysville Swingers Unlimited show choir will be performing. The next concert in Marysville will be the community concert featuring both show choirs and other small acts (date TBA). The Marysville Choral Boosters would like to thank the city of Marysville of the support, and hope to see you supporting the arts at an upcoming event!
Monarch Vibe Update:
By Zoey Little
The Monarch Vibe news magazine has taken strides this year to expand readership through the web and social media.
Recently members of The Vibe have completely re-designed the website which can be found on Marysville High School’s website, created a Snapchat and continue to work hard to circulate news of today through the monthly printed magazine. To create interaction with readers, journalists have also run twitter polls about what stories they’d like to see in upcoming issues.
The Monarch Vibe is a tight knit group of reporters who puts out a new magazine each month including stories, such as Education Hacks, Featured Senior, Featured Athlete, Featured Leader In The Arts, and so much more. The group is advised by Kathryn Kozak, a teacher at Marysville High School. Anyone interested in joining the Monarch Vibe or who have feedback should contact Mrs.Kozak at

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