Panther Pause: AP English students discover passions through projects for most of school year


By Kate White

Since the beginning of the second quarter this school year, Fridays in English teacher Diane Smeenk’s AP English language and composition class have been dedicated to students developing their passions.
This means students have one fifth of their week to develop a passion project, with guidelines involving the project being unique and benefiting others.
Students began with finding what they were passionate about. Some students figured it out right away, and others couldn’t find any sort of passion. Eventually, everyone found a topic and started their research.
Since this project had to be original, students had to discover new ways to do old passions. Also, some projects involved research to discover if their ideas were possible.
Students then started working to put their ideas in motion. A few students focused on improving classroom environments, whether through furniture or rewards.
Other students worked in the community, finding ways to provide physical and mental support.
These projects were developed over winter break and the third quarter. At the end of the grading period, all classes had to present their progress and what their goals were for the future.
If students hadn’t completed any progress, then they must have done something by the end of the year.
Students will have another presentation to show their final result.

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