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Panther Pause seniors recognized

Panther Pause students for the 2019-2020 academic year produced articles for a monthly Fairbanks Education page. The group continued to write and cover district happenings, even after the COVID-19 pandemic forced classes to shift to distance learning. Pictured above is, in the front row, from left, Lexi Murry, Livvy Bellas and Linsey Eddy; in the back row, Grace Koenig and Madeline Conroy. Not pictured are Megan Stallings and Gage Garlinghouse. (Photo submitted)

By: Madeline Conroy
This year the Panther Pause staff will say goodbye to 4 senior writers. One of the senior writers for this year is Megan Stallings who will be attending The Ohio State University with a major in philosophy, politics, and economics. She has been involved in Panther Pause for a year now, as the reporter for the National Honor Society. She said that Panther Pause helped her present facts and events eloquently and concisely. Megan hopes to be a lobbyist where she will continue her writing.
Another senior writer is Livvy Bellas, who has been in Panther Pause for two years. She does enjoy writing a lot, but she has no plans to continue with journalism, although she did say “who knows what will happen, maybe I will eventually write a book!” Livvy plans to attend Miami University and major in psychology. She said she learned a lot, especially how to write an article and conduct an interview.
Lexi Murray is another senior involved in Panther Pause, she has been involved for the past two years. She said that she really enjoyed being able to “learn more about the people and events at Fairbanks.” She does not plan on going into a career in journaling and instead she will be majoring in operations management at the University of Cincinnati.
The final senior is Gage Garlinghouse. This is his first year as a member of the staff. He said it has made him “a better writer, and at conducting interviews.” He will be attending Capital University and dual majoring in History and English. Gage hopes to continue his writing career by being an author for either fiction or nonfiction writing. He said that he really just enjoys writing. Gage would like to thank Mrs. Reed, the other writers, and the Journal-Tribune for a wonderful experience.
We would like to thank these writers for joining Panther Pause and helping write about the exciting activities going on at Fairbanks. They will be missed next year, but we wish them luck in the future endeavors.

Learning the art of business at FHS
By: Grace Koenig

A course of action has been taken to help inspire and teach people about the art of business. A class called “Business Basics: How to start a business in 6 hours” was offered to all of the Fairbanks students and many more people from around the area. Every Wednesday, starting on April 22nd and going through to May 6th, students would jump online for 2 hours and were given lectures about the subject of business. Topics like writing a business plan, building a network of support, building a prototype, pricing, and pitches were explained and allowed students to understand all the ways to start your business and allow it to grow. Chaz Freutel, a business consultant and owner of “Get – U – Connected”, was the teacher to these young business men and women who took this course. He would start the students off with inspiring quotes and go on to teach the topics listed above and more; he would also invite guest speakers to join the class and share their stories of success in the business world.
A young business mind in our community has taken this class to heart. Brogan Green is the owner of a small business called “Brogan’s Yard Work”, he has been working on building up this business and expanding it. He is now working on and planning a new business of giving used books a second life, he plans on calling it “Mr. Green’s Library”. With the inspiration and advice this class has given him, he hopes to go far in his ideas and expand his businesses.

NHS holds virtual induction ceremony
By: Megan Stallings

During an officer meeting in April, Ms. Keller and the officers decided to hold a virtual induction to honor new members, new officers, and old officers. A YouTube video was posted featuring pictures of all those who should have been inducted in March. The new officers will receive details about their duties virtually as well. While the usual end of the year transition was different this year, NHS was still able to pay tribute to its new and old members and officers.

Middle School Guidance Counselor retires after 46 years of service
By: Gage Garlinghouse

With the closing of the school year the Fairbanks district celebrates the retirement of one of its longest serving educators Miss Brenda Brill. At the time of her retirement Miss Brill is serving as the Middle School’s guidance counselor, but has worked in a plethora of different teaching, coaching, and leadership roles within her 46 years at the district.
Miss Brill attended Fairbanks for her primary education from kindergarten through graduating from the high school. She then went on to major in Political Science at The Ohio State University, graduating in three years at the college. At the time of her graduation Fairbanks had a job opening and Miss Brill was hired by then superintendent, Galen Kyre.
In her time at the district she has taught Government, AP Government, Sociology and Psychology, Economics, as well as World and American History. However when asked, she says that her favorite class to teach was both of the governments as it was what she had majored in. While she was hired as a teacher Miss Brill also served as the Girls JV and Middle School Volleyball coach as well as the girls Varsity, JV and Middle School basketball coach. In her time at Fairbanks Brill became one of the first female athletic directors in the State of Ohio.
She has also served as the class advisor for each of the high school’s classes at various times. As well as having the distinction of at one point served as the guidance counselor for all of the district (K-12), and then moved to be the counselor for 7-12, then 9-12 and finally in the position of the Middle School Counselor (6-8).
While not having any particular plans for retirement, aside from spending time with her two great-nephews. She says that the decision was “very hard to make,” but she says that she is excited for what life brings next. Miss Brill has a great passion and love for Fairbanks and she is very proud of her time in the district. She hopes that all of the students that she has come in contact with have seen that and see her time at the district as a “life’s commitment to give back to this community and it’s residents.”

Senior of the Month
May’s senior of the month is Kalor Greve. Kalor is the daughter of Chad and Laura Greve of Marysville. She is a graduating valedictorian of Fairbanks High School. She was the captain of the state-qualifying cross country team, captain of the varsity basketball cheerleading squad, and ran indoor and outdoor track. She was the field commander of the marching band, participated in concert band, and served as National Honor Society secretary. Outside of school she volunteered at Memorial Hospital as a nursing assistant, taught Sunday school at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, and was a member of the Union County Junior Fair Board and Stirrup Some Fun 4-H club. She is currently employed at Oakland Nursery. Kalor is admitted to the Honors College at Ohio University, and will be majoring in Pre-Medicine Cellular and Molecular Biology. When asked what advice she has for the underclassmen, she replied, “Do not take on too much at once, because enjoying high school is much more important than being constantly stressed out. High school is full of priceless memories, so take the time to make the most of them before they’re gone in the blink of an eye.” (Photo submitted)

FHS grad set to retire following nearly 40 years of teaching
By: Livvy Bellas

Physical Education and Health teacher at Fairbanks, Mark Geer, is retiring at the end of this school year. He has been a teacher for almost 40 years, and has spent the majority of his career at Fairbanks, teaching there for 37 years. He and his wife both began their teaching careers at Mechanicsburg High School, but were let go because of economic reasons. While his wife found another job at Mechanicsburg, he was hired on at Fairbanks, his old high school. Mark Geer has been incredibly involved in the school over the years, not only teaching several subjects, but also serving as either the head or assistant football coach for 10-12 years. In addition to football, Mr. Geer has also coached junior high track and served as the junior high athletic director. Being a Fairbanks graduate himself, he has had a long time connection to the school and despite his retirement fully intends to stay active in the community, attending as many sports games as possible.
Not only has Mark Geer taught health and physical education, but he has also taught several science and math classes. He recalls that one of the most challenging subjects for him to teach was kindergarten art, in which he found he was a little out of his element, but managed to enjoy it all the same. Over his many years teaching, education has gone through many major developments, including a transition to more technology and a new emphasis on college readiness. Mr. Geer has been able to adapt to these changes, believing that technology keeps students, teachers, and families in better contact, improving communication.
When asked what his favorite memories are, he recalls the many different school dances he has chaperoned and the different sports games he has attended. He likes seeing students out of the classroom competing and having fun. In addition to chaperoning school dances, he has also gone on many school field trips, including the annual eighth grade Washington D.C. trip, which he actually started himself. He says that one of his favorite parts about teaching is seeing his students learn and grow. He loves seeing former students in public, catching up and discovering what career path they decided to go down.
After retiring he plans on spending his time traveling, visiting his new grandson, helping his daughter Margo train for her swimming competitions, and continuing his second job at the Memorial Hospital Health Center. On his last day teaching in March, he had a feeling that it would be his last time walking out of the school as a teacher. Although it wasn’t how he imagined his final school year would end, he has been preparing for retirement the whole school year and is thankful for everything the administration has done to recognize the retiring teachers this year (including a drive by just last week). Although not a fan of remote learning, he feels like this experience has taught people how important a personal student-teacher relationship is, and thinks that everyone will emerge from this better prepared for the future. Although it is tough to leave after so many years at Fairbanks, Mark Geer doesn’t plan on saying goodbye anytime soon, continuing to support the school district, for he believes “once a Panther, always a Panther”.

Retiring teachers miss end-of-year activities
By: Alexis Murray

As our school year comes to an unusual end, everyone has cast support and love towards their graduating seniors for the last month of memories they are missing out on. However, more than just the seniors are missing out on their last days at Fairbanks. Scott Coon has been a math and physics teacher at Fairbanks High School for 32 years. During that time he has taught all the different math classes, but holds a special fondness towards physics because he is able to show how math is used in the real world to his students. Not only did Scott Coon have a major impact on his students academically, but he also coached basketball for nearly all his time at Fairbanks and coached golf for ten years. His best memory from coaching goes back to coaching the 1992-1993 basketball season when they won the Central District title at the Fairgrounds Coliseum. Some of his other most rewarding experiences as a teacher include running into former students or receiving emails from them informing him of how they are and what they’re doing. As Mr. Coon prepares to retire he looks forward to traveling the country with his wife Dianne in their RV and going on fishing trips to Lake Erie and Canada with his friends. As seniors, it’s difficult to leave Fairbanks, due to the unfortunate circumstances. That being said, we cannot fathom what it must be like for Scott Coon and the other retiring staff of Fairbanks to have their last days of teaching spent online when they deserve so much more. The Fairbanks community thanks Mr. Coon for all he’s contributed to the school and wishes him all the best in his retirement.

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