Letter to the Editor: Council member feels an apology is deserved


Dear Editor,
On Tuesday, Feb. 12, the Journal-Tribune ran an article titled, “Milford Center utility hike jumps the gun.” I am writing this letter to you in response to the comments made by Terri Kean in that article.
She accused Ron Payne, Jeff Parren and myself of collusion, dishonesty, breaking sunshine laws and conspiring to hike water and sewer bills outside of public meetings. She said that some of these allegations apparently took place at the December meeting, which is impossible because I was on a cruise in the Caribbean with my wife and family and was not in attendance in December.
I actually had not spoken Ron or Jeff for several months, especially about water and sewer billing rates or fees. I am not on the water, utility and sewer committee and do not have any interest in attending or deciding public policy in this arena.
The rate hike was an honest mistake that has already been admitted by Dawn Barnhart and Kathy McCoy and actions have been taken to correct it. I do not appreciate the faceless, false accusations and public defamation of character. It is my belief that Kean owes, Payne, Parren and myself an apology.
I believe that we can overcome our differences if we stop lashing out in anger, acting like little school kids and instead work for the betterment of the Village of Milford Center. We are all adults, let’s act like it and get back to work.
Derek Wilson
Milford Center Village Council Member

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