The Rose of customer service


Dear Editor,
One of my favorite errands to run is to our local post office in Marysville. Often when I am waiting in line at the post office I hear customers disgruntled at the wait time or the long lines. My patience begins to wear thin when waiting in line at times too, however, we are so lucky in Marysville to have one of the best representatives of customer service right there in front of us at the Marysville post office in Rose.
Rose greets every customer with the same professional “Step forward young man/lady,” and does so with a smile. She is polite, respectful of each customer, understands how people in line might be feeling and does her best to lighten the situation with her great sense of humor. (If you love her sense of humor too be sure to stop by the post office the day before Thanksgiving…’ll see why.)
We are all busy and standing in line at the post office is not a task most people look forward to doing. But I believe that in situations such as this, as with most situations in life, we have the ability to choose our attitude. Rose helps me choose the right attitude when faced with those long wait times and I appreciate that very much and find value in her amazing customer service that she provides our community every day.
The service she provides speaks of her amazing character. Something I witnessed this evening as I drove by the post office spoke even larger volumes about her character. You see, Rose was leaving the post office (I assume to go home for the day), and as she walked out of the post office she took a moment to stop at the American flag and offered a hand salute. She could have been more focused on getting out of work on a Friday evening running through mental lists of tasks that needed to be completed. Instead she stopped for a moment to pause, show respect, and be grateful for our country.
Former basketball coach, John Wooden, is quoted as saying, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”
When the people of our community are watching through your service at the post office, Rose, your character shines through. After I saw you salute our Nation’s flag this evening, your character shines even brighter for me. Thank you for making customers and their satisfaction a priority each and every day, your service to our community, your past service to our country and for being a fine example of character for others to emulate. Marysville is blessed to have you. God bless you and God bless America.
Amy Nicol-Wagner

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