Veteran showed compassion at post office


Dear Editor,
Is there a new military? A new America? Or has the military and our country always been this way?
Here’s my story. Today, I was walking into our Marysville Post Office, eyes down, when a man leaving said “hi” to me in a pleasant tone. I looked up to see a bearded man with a military insignia on his cap and jacket and quickly replied in greeting.
Inside, I waited in line.
In a few moments, he reentered the post office and walked to a woman conducting business at the counter. He gave her his card and asked her to contact him if she needed to talk with someone. It appeared they had engaged in conversation earlier while waiting in line.
He had gone to his car to get his card, to return, and to give it to her.
Everyone in the room was enrapt and silent, overwhelmed with his kindness. Those near him thanked him for his service. He replied humbly, head down, and quietly left.
The woman who received his card looked over the counter and said “There really are good people in the world all around us.” The woman had a tear in her eye, as did everyone in the room.
I was so in wonder, I did not get his name.
On Veteran’s Day, and every day, let us thank the kind people in the world whose sole motivation is to serve and protect our freedoms.
Please share your stories and continue to build our amazing country with hope for our future.
C.J. Switzer
Timberview Drive

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