Administrator discusses Richwood chipping rules


Richwood Village Administrator Monte Asher told council that village crews have guidelines regarding the chipping of brush within the village.
Residents who have limbs and branches that fall off the trees naturally, or have branches that come down during wind and rain storms, can gather the brush and leave curbside on Mondays for village employees to pick up and chip. Lately, that’s not been the case.
Asher stated that the village is not capable of chipping branches and brush that have come from tree trimming or tree removal. That is the responsibility of the company that does the work. The village equipment is not able to handle a large load of branches, so homeowners will have to see to the removal of large amounts of branches.
Residents are also reminded that only branches and brush are to be left at the curb. No trash should be included in the small piles. If the equipment gets broken due to objects not acceptable, then the collection will be stopped.
Council passed the first reading of a resolution, which authorizes the necessary tax levies and certifies them to the Union County Auditor. This process is just to verify the amount of taxes and levies that are currently being collected in the village. Due to time constraints, the second reading will require passage after the second reading before the deadline.
Asher, who also serves as police chief, told council that there have been five candidates apply for the position of a full-time police officer. A panel has been set-up and they will interview the five candidates and will make selections this week. Asher also said that calls for service continue to steadily rise. Village solicitor Alison Boggs has been called to Union County Court several times a week to handle cases for the village.
During old business, councilman Reddy Brown inquired about the proposed planning commission, asking how many people were needed to be on the committee. Four people agreed to be on the new committee and a fifth will be confirmed. When the group is set, it will hold a meeting and organize.
Councilman George Showalter reported that fifteen fisherman participated in the recent Carp Tournament held at Richwood Lake. The goal was to remove carp from the lake, but unfortunately, only one angler caught a carp and while landing it to shore, lost it back to the lake. All enjoyed the time fishing at the lake and were assured that more carp tournaments will be held next April and May during spawning season.
A report was given to council regarding a proposed Eagle Scout project of replacing decayed posts at shelter house number 1. The student is preparing to cut the new posts, but with the start of school, he is limited on his time in completing the project. An update will be announced at a later meeting.
Council asked other questions during the old business segment of the meeting, but was unable to get answers with the village solicitor absent from the meeting. Those questions included how was the title search for the former village town hall going, what is the latest word on the houses that were in foreclosure, have bids gone out regarding Richwood Lake and the walking path, and has the village received any bids on sealing and striping the village administration lot.
Council’s next meeting will be held Sept. 25, at 7 p.m. at 153 N. Franklin St. The public is invited to attend.

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