Bender convicted of kidnapping, assault, rape



A local man has been convicted of kidnapping, assaulting and raping a Marysville woman.
In a three-day trial, a jury found Jason Guy Bender, 41, of 13911 Watkins Road, guilty of felonious assault, kidnapping, rape and having weapons under disability. He could face as many as 33 years in prison.
According to court documents, between June 24 and June 29, Bender and the victim were sharing a home. On June 28, Bender and the victim began to argue. Bender told a friend he was not happy with the victim’s hair. He then shaved the woman’s head.
“During that night, the defendant would not let the victim leave the home but took her down to the basement of the house and had her remove her clothing and underwear,” according to court documents. “He then tied the victim’s hands and legs together and hung her body from the rafters and or beams in the basement with several ratchet straps.”
While the victim was tied and hung, Bender beat her with a variety of objects including a metal post and a whip. He also hit her in the head with a firearm. According to court documents the attack caused swelling as well as “widespread bruising and contusions all over her body.”
“Despite her crying and screaming, the defendant continued his assault,” according to court documents. “He eventually released her from the straps, but continued to kick her, punch her and hit her. During the assault on the victim, the defendant would require the victim to submit to sexual relations which she did not consent to.”
According to court documents, the physical and sexual assault continued, “throughout the night” for about 12 to 14 hours.
The next day, as Bender took a bath, the victim was able to free herself and leave the home. She hid from Bender for several hours. During that time, Bender drove around the area looking for her.
The victim was able to get to a home where she asked for help. She asked the neighbor to take her to Marysville and to stop at the home for a small case of personal items.
The neighbor took the woman to an area restaurant where she hid until a friend was able to pick her up and take her to the hospital.
At the hospital, medical personnel examined the woman and noted about 60 different areas of bruising on her body.
While the woman was at the hospital and before police could arrive at the scene, Bender took off, allegedly going to Indiana.
Because of Bender’s violent past, Marysville’s tactical team was used to get into the home but Bender was gone by that time. Bender has multiple assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damaging convictions as well as a felony aggravated assault conviction.
Eventually, Bender returned to Ohio. Law enforcement officials in Van Wert located Bender and tried to arrest him. Bender did not stop and led police on a multi-county chase before his arrest in Putnam County. At the time of his arrest, Bender had multiple knives on him and a gun in his car. Because of Bender’s criminal history, he is not allowed to have a gun.
Union County Sheriff Jamie Patton said Bender was “uncooperative and combative” when deputies were able to stop him. Additionally, Bender was allegedly uncooperative at Tri-County Regional Jail.
Bender remains at the jail with bond set at $1-million. According to court documents, no sentencing date has been set.

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