Board discusses facility policy


Jonathan Alder’s school board is contemplating changing the usage policy for the stadium after the recent completion of a new stadium at Jonathan Alder High School.

Superintendent Gary Chapman said it’s important to review the policy and discuss possible changes “so (they) have clear direction from board of education on how facility should be run.”

The current policy was last revised in 2015.

It states that residents are not currently charged for usage of the facility.

“The only thing we charge for is the use of a custodian if [he or she]is not normally scheduled during that time,” Chapman explained.

Board members discussed during the Monday evening meeting possibly altering that now that the new turf is down and any damage to it would be expensive to fix.

Christine Blacka, board member, suggested possibly creating a waiver that would take care of liability of turf damage.

Also discussed was charging for use of the scoreboard.

“Do we need to look at this specific turf stadium out there as it is now?” Chapman questioned. “It’s a different piece of property and a different asset we have.”

Steve Votaw, board president, suggested looking at other schools’ policies that have new turf down.

“These buildings were built with tax payers money, but the turf is different,” Votaw said.

The turf was put in mostly with privately contributed dollars.

“It looks great out there,” Votaw said. “What an outstanding effort by our community to be able to do that.”

Board members planned to further discuss potential changes to the usage policy at the next meeting.

In other business, school begins Aug. 21.

The next school board meeting will be Sept. 9 at Jonathan Alder High School, 9200 US-42, Plain City.

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