Bomb threat forces Boston’s to close


The Marysville Division of Police is investigating a bomb threat called into Boston’s restaurant.
“We’re trying to work back through it and figure out where the call came from,” said Marysville Deputy Chief Tony Brooks.
According to Brooks, a male called the restaurant at 9:55 p.m. The employee who took that call gave the phone to a manager. According to Brooks, the caller said authorities would never “figure out who this (is).”
The manager contacted police, who arrived on the scene and brought in a bomb sniffing dog. Staff closed the restaurant for the rest of the night.
Authorities found no sign of a bomb.
Brooks said police have no indication of who the caller was. He said bomb threats made toward restaurants happen from time to time, and aren’t generally credible.
“A lot of times there’s no rhyme or reason to them,” he said.

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