Bunsold Plumbing closes; Rooter Works steps in


Bunsold Plumbing and Heating will no longer have the family name, but the business will carry on.

The longtime business was recently purchased by The Rooter Works Plumbing and Drains, a business based in Columbus.

“My mom and dad started this business in 1951, so it’s been hard. It’s been emotional,” said Bill Bunsold, owner of Bunsold Plumbing and Heating.

Bunsold said The Rooter Works purchased the rights to the phone number and client list of Bunsold Plumbing and Heating, although the business will not operate out of the same location or use their equipment.

However, he said The Rooter Works will offer positions to all employees of Bunsold Plumbing and Heating, aside from the business’ secretary, who is retiring.

Bunsold said he wanted to retire because of his age, but said he was waiting to find someone he trusted to turn his customers over to.

“I wanted to find someone who I could depend on to go work and be fair with our customers,” he said.

Alex Harrison, owner of The Rooter Works and a 2007 graduate of Marysville High School, said he intends to continue the quality service that was provided by Bunsold Plumbing and Heating.

“(Bunsold Plumbling and Heating) carries a reputation for delivering five-star service to every customer, every time and we want to continue that,” he said.

He said The Rooter Works is located in Worthington, but began as an idea at the dining table in his Marysville home.

Since then, Harrison said his business has expanded, but still maintains the same small business feel.

“People always think we’re this big corporation, but really we’re just another mom and pop shop that happened to get a little bigger,” he said.

The Rooter Works is still a family-owned company, Harrison said, which is a business approach he plans to carry into his work with Bunsold Plumbing and Heating’s former customers.

Additionally, Harrison said his Marysville roots will allow him to “take care” of customers the same way Bunsold Plumbing and Heating promised to.

“I’m going on close to 24 years of living here,” Harrison said. “Marysville is very near and dear to my heart and I plan on serving this community as long as I can plumb.”

Ultimately, Bunsold said Harrison’s connection to the community and his similar work practices were what sealed the deal, although he said it was difficult to let go of his family’s business.

Harrison said he values Bunsold’s presence in the community and hopes to continue it in a way the family would approve of.

“They handed us a 70-year legacy and we don’t take that lightly – we take it very seriously,” he said.

Bunsold Plumbing and Heating will close their doors at the end of the month, as Bunsold said the business’ last day will be Sept. 30. All current customers will be referred to The Rooter Works, under Harrison’s management.

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