City says JEDD agreement not received


Marysville Mayor J.R. Rausch, left, presents Marysville Kroger Marketplace Director Mark Ruff with a commendation at Monday’s council meeting. The commendation was awarded after Kroger approved the use of its parking lot for residents visiting the MacIvor Wood Trail. Residents will be able to park in designated spots near the entrance of the trail. “Kroger has been a great partner with the City of Marysville for a long number of years,” Rausch said.
(Journal-Tribune photo by Will Channell)
The City of Marysville’s mayor and city manager say they’re willing to consider a Jerome Township joint economic district, despite what Jerome officials say.
Marysville Mayor J.R. Rausch took issue during Monday’s council meeting with a recent comment from Jerome Township Trustee Joe Craft.
At last week’s Jerome Township Trustee meeting, Craft was quoted in the Journal-Tribune as saying Marysville had not signed a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD). A JEDD is an agreement between two municipalities that allows both to share income tax from commercial and industrial development.
“We have been waiting since November,” Rausch said. “I’m getting really kind of sick and tired of hearing Mr. Craft say Marysville’s not willing to sign the JEDD when we haven’t even seen it.
Jerome Township passed a JEDD in 2016 in hopes that Marysville would sign on. The district includes much of the west side of U.S. 33 between Marysville and Dublin.
The agreement also stipulated that Marysville will provide water and sewer services to the district, and any new development would be subject to the city’s income tax.
“One of the comments in there was that we have refused to sign the JEDD,” Rausch said.
According to the article, “Craft said the township has negotiated a JEDD with the City of Marysville, but the city has not signed it yet.”
Marysville officials say they have not yet received the agreement. Rausch said he sent an email to Craft “immediately.”
City Manager Terry Emery said the delay has nothing to do with the city.
“Terry got phone calls from Mr. Craft shortly thereafter,” Rausch said.
Rausch said the JEDD is with Jerome Township’s attorney, Don Brosius.
“They’re aware now that it’s sitting in their attorney’s hands and Mr. Brosius can keep cranking the revenue up for his law firm,” Rausch said.
Rausch said as soon as they get the agreement, they’ll go forward with the legislation in council.
Councilperson Mark Reams asked if the agreement had changed from when council first discussed it two years ago. Emery said there have been a few modifications, but the “framework” is the same.
Rausch said the city has been in contact with Jerome Township Zoning Inspector Mark Spagnuolo. Emery said he spoke to Craft last week about the agreement.
“I said, ‘Joe, put it in front of us and we’ll take it forward,’” Emery said. “We’re ready to roll.”
Emery said the Jerome Township Trustees know that Marysville is not the party keeping the agreement from going forward.
“I think (if) we’re asked that questions again, they would answer it differently,” Emery said.
In other council news:
-Public Service Director Mike Andrako talked about recent water damage to Schwarzkopf Park’s ball fields.
He said flooding recently washed away the infields at the baseball diamonds in the park.
Andrako said historically, flooding has brought in debris that has damaged the fencing in the area, but damage in that regard has been minimal.
“A large amount of the infield will have to be trucked in,” he said.
-Andrako also told council the traffic signal cabinet at Fifth and Main streets will be replaced Wednesday. Brief interruptions will occur throughout the day, and an officer will be on scene directing traffic when needed.

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