City seeks to fill Charter Review Board


Marysville officials are looking for people to help evaluate the city’s charter.
The city’s charter was originally approved by voters in 1981 and must be reviewed every four years. Per the charter, a Charter Review Board must review the document and present findings to council. The board can recommend changes for voters to consider.
“Council is looking for people who want to sit on that board,” said Rebecca Dible, clerk of council. “Serving on the Charter Review Board is an excellent way to serve the community, as the Board recommends changes to the Charter, and these potential changes are voted upon by the citizens.”
The nine-member board is appointed by council. It must have representation from all four wards and cannot include any city employees, including current board members, or elected officials.
Charter rules require the board be appointed by council at its first meeting in January. The board then meets on its own schedule and reports its findings at the second council meeting in July. That allows council time to have any recommendations submitted to the board of elections for voters to decide. The city law director, while not part of the board, participates to make sure recommendations are appropriate and presented in a way they can be voted on by the public.
Dible explained the city charter is the legal document which establishes how the city is organized and how it operates.
“It is often described as a ‘constitution for a municipality,’” she said.
Because the CRB reviews the Charter in its entirety, anything is subject to change — potentially including how city council is established, where wards are established, the roles and powers for city departments and divisions as well as city officials and employees, how the municipal budget is presented, even the establishment and of boards and commissions.
In 2013, the CRB recommended, and voters approved, a move to change the city’s form of government changing from a strong mayor to a council-manager form of government.
In 2017 the CRB recommended and approved changes to the way the city’s state of the city address is given as well as the pay for at-large and ward council members.
The charter changes can be initiated by the CRB, by a petition from citizens or by vote of five members of council.
Dible said at this point, just three residents have expressed interest in the board. She said all of them have served in the past and their interest came after council asked her to contact them.
She said it is important to have residents participate
“Review of the charter ensures the city is functioning according to its guidelines,” Dible said.
She added that, “examining and becoming familiar with the charter is the most basic yet effective way to understand how the City of Marysville functions.”
Dible said interested residents can call her, (937) 645-7356, or email her, rdible@marysvilleohio, can drop off or mail an application or speak with her at City Hall, at 209 S. Main St., Marysville, OH 43040. Interested participants can also contact one of the current city council members.

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