City service fee increases detailed


Marysville residents should expect to pay a more for certain fees this year as the city looks to cover costs.
“Those are the areas that we needed to take a good look at in not only 2019, but beyond,” said City Manager Terry Emery.
Effective this month, the city’s $16-per-month trash collection service will see an increase of $4.50 this year and will then increase by 50 cents each year through 2021.
The storm water fee is currently $3.75 per residence per month, and will increase by 75 cents every year through 2021. The city’s yard waste service is currently $6.50 per month, and will increase by 50 cents every year through 2022.
The increases come from a mixture of increased capital expenses and an increase in service charges by a company the city uses for trash collection.
The city uses Republic Services for trash collection. Finance Director Justin Nahvi said if the city wants to renew its contract with Republic, officials have to pay an additional $4.50 per month per account. Republic will then increase that by three percent every year. The city is raising its fee to cover those new costs.
Nahvi said that increase was tied to Republic’s bulk pickup service. Officials decided to increase the fee and keep the bulk pickup service the same, rather than modify it.
“People really utilize bulk pickup in this community,” Emery said. “We felt it was important to retain the service.”
The yard waste fee is increasing to pay for vehicle replacements, which officials said the city has needed to defer the last few years due to lack of funds.
The city’s street sweeper, wood chipper and leaf collection truck all need to be replaced “within the next few years,” officials said.
The street sweeper is completely out of commission, according to officials.
“We’ve probably had it 10 plus years, but it needs replaced,” Emery said.
The storm water increase comes to pay for $3.73 million in storm sewer infrastructure improvements. These projects will include work on Columbus Avenue this year, with projects beyond Square Drive, Walnut Street, the Ohio Reformatory for Women, Greenwood Park, Delaware Avenue and Milford Avenue.
Right now, there are no plans to increase these fees more after 2021 and 2022, though officials said they haven’t projected that far ahead. Nahvi said after the storm water improvements are finished, the city could look to lower that fee back down, but the fees could remain up to cover maintenance.
Emery mirrored that sentiment.
“Even when we get these projects done, there’s a continual maintenance program and process to your storm water system,” Emery said. “You’re going to want to make sure you stay ahead of the game.”
Officials noted there’s a senior trash pickup discount available to any resident 65 or older. There are no income requirements.
For seniors, there’s only a one-time fee increase this year, from $10 to $12.75.
Nahvi said the discount is only a matter of completing an application. Emery said that would help offset those new costs for older residents.
Emery said the city’s water and wastewater fees are staying the same. He said they will likely remain static for the “foreseeable future.”
Nahvi specified rates won’t be raised new through 2024.
Emery said he’s heard people complain that Marysville has high rates. He said when compared to other cities in Central Ohio, Marysville isn’t that high.
He admitted the city’s water and sewer rates have “been on the high side,” but also because the city hasn’t increased them, those rates are becoming “middle of the pack.”
“We’re more reasonable in a lot of areas,” Emery said. “

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