City updating asbestos codes


The City of Marysville is updating its asbestos code to keep in line with state guidelines.
Zoning Administrator Ron Todd gave city council an update on Monday. Marysville’s asbestos code generally keeps close to the Ohio Revised Code.
Last November, the Ohio Revised Code was changed. Previously, any single-dwelling or commercial building requires an asbestos report. Now, it’s any residential dwelling of four families or more.
What Todd presented was a change that would diverge from the Ohio Revised Code and require a report from any building built before 1980. He said the city wants to be proactive.
“1978 is when the U.S. government outlawed asbestos materials, but there were a couple years past that, especially for commercial buildings, that still has asbestos in them,” he said.
He said with health and safety concerns in mind, it would be best to “do away” with the Ohio Revised Code’s guidelines to cast a wider net.
During his traffic update, Public Services Director Mike Andrako said the Scottslawn Bridge over U.S. 33 will be opened up to two lanes Thursday.
The traffic signal will be taken down as well. He said the Ohio Department of Transportation has gotten to the point where “they can transfer traffic over” to another lane.
He said the city was planning on the bridge being a single lane for about 150 days, but ODOT was able to move that up.
“As engineers, we always plan for the worst,” he said. “Luckily they were able to move traffic over.”
In other council news:
-Council member Nevin Taylor urged residents to be aware of children going to school heading into the new academic year. He also asked people be aware of teenage drivers going to the high school in the mornings.
-City Engineer Jeremy Hoyt updated council on the paving program. Work is set to begin this week on North Walnut Street, where workers will replace the sidewalk curb and repave the street. He said the finished work will look similar to North Oak Street from last year’s paving program.
-Police Chief Floyd Golden said the city’s annual dog swim will be Sept. 5 at the city pool from 5-7 p.m. with a $5 entry fee per dog. He said the proceeds will benefit the Union County Humane Society.

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