Concert review: Tribute to Neil Diamond by Denny Diamond


Editor’s note: The following review was written by Union County Concert Association board member Florence Allen.


Residents from Marysville and the surrounding counties gathered at Marysville High School on Thursday evening to be entertained by artist Denny Svehia and his son, Lucas.  Their award-winning show is a tribute to Neil Diamond’s music and the story behind his songs.

Playing their guitars and singing in their baritone voices, Denny and Lucas began the show with “Beautiful Music”, which is a song that Neil wrote when he was inspired by the music in Puerto Rico.  For the next song, “Cherry, Cherry”, the audience was encouraged to clap along with the guitars.

Neil Diamond started his career by writing songs for other artists.  He wrote songs for Glen Campbell, “The Sunflower”, and the Monkeys.  During this time in his career, he wrote “Shilo”, which is about a make believe friend.  This song started his career when Columbia records recorded it.  He continued his career as a solo artist, writing “Solitary Man”.

The audience was encouraged to join the musicians throughout the show.  They interjected phrases and sang along to “That’ll Be the Day”, ‘Song, Sung Blues”,” Sweet Caroline” and “America”.  We learned that “Sweet Caroline” was written for his wife, Marsha, and the duo dedicated “America” to our veterans. They closed the show with “I’m a Believer”, which was written by Neil Diamond, but made famous by the Monkeys. 

Throughout the show they told jokes and by encouraging audience participation, people in the audience tried to engage them in response.  Along with clapping during the show, Denny and Lucas received a standing ovation at the end.

UCCCA’s next concert will be at Marysville High School on Thursday, Oct. 24, at 7:30 p.m. with bluegrass and country musicians Remington Ryde. 

Additional information can be obtained on our website, on Facebook or by calling ted Howard at 937-243-3133.

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