Council stalls new Mill Valley project


Members of Marysville City Council had some misgivings about the upcoming Enclave at Mill Valley development Monday night.
Tim Schacht gave the council an update on the city’s design review board and planning commission. Councilperson Henk Berbee expressed some concern at the development being passed through planning commission with a 4-3 vote earlier this month.
That development is on Route 31, which Berbee said is one area the city has had to improve because of short-sighted decisions from decades ago. He cited the Route 31 widening project and the increased walkway connectivity throughout Marysville as two examples of areas the city has had to improve.
He said he’s concerned that, since the board seemed split on the development, this might be one such decision they would have to “fix” in the future. He said the city shouldn’t necessarily block the development, only take another look at it.
“There are going to be people and council members who say, ‘what were these people thinking?’” Berbee said.
Councilperson Tracy Richardson agreed, saying she had some concerns when she saw the 4-3 vote.
“We want it to go in right or not at all,” she said.
City Planner Chad Flowers said he’s worked with the developer, Ryan Homes, since the meeting.
“They actually have some revisions,” he said.
During the meeting, some board members were uncomfortable passing the project when the rears of the buildings could be visible from Route 31. The developer insisted a line of trees would serve as a visual shield, but the board was skeptical.
“The updated plan has taken those away and shifted the road toward Route 31, similar to the Triple Crown Way and Mill Valley have the houses face Route 31,” he said.
The trees between Route 31 and the development have also been scaled back, allowing a better view of the houses. At the meeting, representatives of Ryan Homes said they’d be unable to pull off these changes.
Flowers said the development should come before council at the Sept. 11 meeting for approval.
In other council news, Planning Commission member Donald Boerger announced during citizen comments his bid for city council. He lives in the city’s fourth ward, whose seat is currently occupied by Nevin Taylor.

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