Councilman faces backlash for attending rally


Pair of residents want Carpenter to face consequences
Members of the public participated in Monday night’s council meeting to call for the removal of member Aaron Carpenter.
During the meeting’s public comment portion, resident Zach Kisor said that on Wednesday, “the capital of our country was attacked.”
“I wish I was surprised, but I was unfortunately not, when I saw Council Member Aaron Carpenter attending this insurrection, live-tweeting the event just as members of Congress, armed with gas masks, hid under desks and chairs, while Capitol Police barricaded doors as they prepared to be overrun.”
Kisor said Carpenter, “posted a selfie, smiling in front of the Capitol building, while in the background, insurgents climbed the facade of the People’s House like a rock wall.”
The resident noted that Carpenter, “marched with The Proud Boys, a fascist, neo-Nazi group, with those who wore ‘Camp Auschwitz’ hoodies, while in the midst of the attack claiming, that it was ‘the most peaceful and patriotic social gathering I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.’”
“Either Aaron is mentally unfit to fulfill his oath, as he cannot discern between reality and truth, or he is intentionally misleading this community. Both, I contest, render him unfit for this role,” Kisor said.
He asked why council allows what he called a “pattern of behavior,” adding that public employees around the state have resigned or been fired for attending the event, “while our own still sits in a position of leadership.”
“This evening, I urge this body to act. I urge this body to stop placating the blind ambitions of a boy, who for too long has nationalized this local office for the cheers of his own fanfare. I urge this body to act on its own behalf,” Kisor said. “How can citizens expect you to effectively perform your legislative duties, those you swore an oath to, when one of those very members contorts such plain truth with equally obvious lies?”
Kisor referenced reports of more violence in the days leading up to Inauguration Day. He asked how council would respond when the unrest occurs again, possibly closer to home.
“I urge you to act proactively to set precedence that this behavior, this contortion of truth, this blatant disregard for decency, this abdication of integrity, has no place in our community,” Kisor said
Kisor urged council to, “pass a resolution condemning Aaron and pass whatever measure granted within the Marysville charter and or the ORC to expel him.”
He added that, “the time has come to choose between what is right and what is easy. Failure to act is indeed complicity.”
Resident Stormy Barton also asked council to do something about Carpenter.
“Most reasonable people agree that all involved and who supported the eventual terrorizing insurrectionist mob that seized our Capitol, that caused the death of a police officer, who caused damage to the property and who brought shame to the country, both here and abroad, should be held accountable,” Barton said.
She quoted Carpenter’s social media posts, citing a duel at the Capitol and his desire to get his concealed weapons permit.
Barton also said Carpenter continues to support Trump and has said he is committed to helping him finish what he started.
“But now for political reasons, he seeks to distance himself from the mob that was acting on Trump’s direction, the same direction Carpenter still takes today. He is far more than guilty by association. He was part of the insurrectionist movement, even if he didn’t stand in the Capitol with his fellow insurrectionists.”
Barton cited the fact that Mayor and Council President Henk Berbee reprimanded Carpenter last month for social media posts calling for the President to declare martial law and order a national revote.
At the time, Berbee said council cannot take any action against Carpenter unless there is, “a violation of law or ethics that would render him unfit to serve.”
He said citizens have the power to remove Carpenter.
Monday, he said council “will definitely take those under consideration at our earliest convenience at this time.”
Carpenter thanked the citizens for getting involved in the public meeting and affirmed their right to be active.
He said he is “proud” to have been part of the event in Washington, saying he wanted to fight for President Trump because the election was stolen from him.
“I did not sign up for a riot,” Carpenter said.
The council member said those who did riot are “un-American,” adding, “they are not patriots.”
He added, “All I saw was patriotism and genuine love for our president and our country.”
“I do not regret attending this rally,” Carpenter said.
Also, as part of the meeting, Council member Mark Reams was unanimously elected as council president and mayor for 2021. Council member J.R. Rausch was selected council vice-president and vice mayor.
“Speaking from personal experience, it is an honorable job and I know you are going to enjoy it,” Berbee told Reams.

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