Deer ‘remodels’ dentist’s office


Hamid Rashidi, a dentist at Richwood Family Dental, is shown above holding antlers shed by a deer that crashed through into the building early Tuesday afternoon. The deer came barreling in through a side office window at around 1:15 p.m. and remained in the office for less than a minute before leaping out of another window.
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Animal crashed through one window before leaving through another
A deer crashed through a window at Richwood Family Dental Tuesday afternoon, leaving shortly afterward through another window.
Office manager Carol Miller said the deer came through the window of a side office at around 1:15 p.m. She said she and another dental assistant were in the main office room nextdoor talking to patients over the phone when she heard the sounds coming from the next room.
She was able to get close enough to see the deer through the office’s open door.
“I was scared out of my life,” she said. “(It was in there) long enough for me to scream like a banshee through the office.”
She said the deer was in the side office room for less than a minute before it ran into a wall and escaped through another window.
The deer lost its antlers during the jump, as well as leaving behind a tuft of fur on a window frame.
Miller said there was more glass on the side window of the building, the window she believes the deer exited through.
Along with the windows, the deer broke a computer, printer, countertop and a phone she said. It also put a dent in the wall it ran into. No one was hurt by the animal.
Miller said she called 911 immediately after the deer escaped the office, and officers from the Richwood Police Department responded quickly.
Miller said she has been around deer for a good portion of her life, so it was easy for her to identify the animal when it entered the office. She said she mostly has experience with dead deer, however, that her husband would bring home from his hunting adventures.
She also said the business was able to get a glass repair company to quickly come and seal the windows with plywood until new windows could be installed. She said the business expects to have its windows repaired within a couple of weeks.

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