Deputies still looking for suspects in assault


Investigators are looking for information about this man who allegedly assaulted a man at the Village Mart in Jerome Township. Officials said the victim claims he does not know who the man is or why he allegedly attacked him. (Photo submitted)

The Union County Sheriff’s Office is asking for information about an alleged assault in Jerome Township.
“There were some very unusual circumstances that led up to this that we are trying to piece together, that are not adding up,” said Union County Sheriff Jamie Patton.
About 5:05 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 3, the victim and a woman pulled up to the gas pumps at the Village Mart convenience store, 10152 U.S. 42, Marysville.
The victim, who is not local, got out of the car and went into the convenience store. Moments later, the suspect and another man pulled up to the pump station in a black, four-door car, possibly a Toyota according to investigators.
As the victim, a black man, was paying, the suspect came into the store, walked behind him and punched him. The suspect then pulled a chemical spray and chased the victim around the store trying to spray him.
Witnesses said the suspect and the other man were yelling at the victim about how he had robbed them.
The men were told to leave the store, which they did.
The sheriff said investigators have wondered if the alleged assault was a potential hate crime, the result of a road rage incident or something else.
“The individual who was assaulted claims he does not know the man who allegedly assaulted him,” Patton said.
The victim did tell investigators he did not want to pursue charges against the men.
“There were other people who were victims,” Patton said.
He explained that the cashier was hit by chemical spray and the business lost inventory that was destroyed during the encounter.
“Even if the original victim does not want to press charges, the business would like to pursue charges if the men are identified,” Patton said.
The problem, according to the sheriff, is that the original victim is, “not as cooperative as you would think someone who had just been assaulted would be.”
He said without a cooperating victim it is difficult to determine a motive for the alleged crime.
According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect is a white male, about 30 years old. He is about six feet tall and weighs between 200 and 250 pounds. The man is bald with a goatee and tattoos on both arms. At the time of the alleged assault, the suspect was wearing a black T-shirt with the logo “Heathens Nation”, blue jeans and red shoes.
His accomplice is described as a white male, approximately 6 foot, 180 pounds and in his twenties. The accomplice was wearing a white ball cap style hat, red T-shirt, blue jeans and red tennis shoes.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Golden, Investigation Division at (937) 645-4101 ext. 4443 or by email at

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