Drug deal B.B. gun blast could result in prison time


A local man could be facing more than a decade behind bars after allegedly threatening then shooting another man during a drug deal.
The Union County Grand Jury has indicted Kyle Harvey Queen, 20, of 584 Meadows Drive, Marysville. Queen is charged with one count each of felonious assault and tampering with evidence.
According to court documents, about 9:42 a.m., Sept. 5, Marysville police were called to a fight in the 500 block of Meadows Drive. Police were told one of those involved in the fight had a gun.
When police arrived, they stopped a man who turned out to be the victim.
“(The victim) reported that he had attempted to buy drugs at 590 Meadows from Kyle Queen,” according to court documents.
The victim and Queen had exchanged text messages and Queen allegedly referenced a gun.
The victim said that when he arrived, Queen came out of the apartment, he fired a “C02 pellet pistol” hitting the victim in the chest, neck and head.
Union County Prosecutor Dave Phillips said the victim did not know the gun was a pellet gun at the time he was shot.
During an interview with police, Queen said he and the victim had been texting but the messages were about sale of a phone card. Queen said the victim had sent threatening text messages trying to start a fight with him and another resident. Queen said he got the gun after the victim started swinging a bat around.
Other witnesses, and the victim told police there was a bat, but the victim got it out of his vehicle after he was shot with the pellet pistol.
Investigators got permission to look at the victim’s phone, which contained exchanged text messages between Queen and the victim about drug transactions.
According to court documents, “Queens messages to the victim include ‘I gotta 9mm step near me’ and ‘lmao ima shoot you.’”
Phillips said Queen tried to hide the gun, which led to the tampering with evidence charge.
The victim was treated for injuries related to having pellets lodged inside his body.
If convicted, Queen could face as many as 13 years in prison.
Also indicted was:
-Jason M. Burney, 40, 539 Fairwood Dr., Marysville. Burney is charged with one count each of possession of heroin and aggravated possession of drugs, stemming from a July 20 incident involving methamphetamines. If convicted on both charges, Burney could face as many as 24 months in prison.
-Amber M. Rowland 29, of 3400 Ostrander Road, Ostrander, and Erick W. Scheiderer, 38, of 14470 Snyder Road in Richwood. Rowland and Scheiderer are each charged with aggravated possession of drugs stemming from a July 20 incident involving methamphetamines. If convicted Rowland and Scheiderer could each face as many as 12 months in prison.
-Joclyn B. Risley, 28, 490 ½ Oak St., Marion. Risley is charged with one count each of aggravated possession of drugs, possession of drugs and possessing drug abuse instruments. The charges stem from an alleged incident involving Fentanyl and Clonazepam on July 9. If convicted, Risley could face more than 21 months in prison.
-Thomas Lee Taylor, 52, of 684 Allenby Dr., Marysville. Taylor is charged with three counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs and three counts of aggravated possession of drugs. According to court documents, between March 27 and April 12, Taylor allegedly sold or offered to sell methamphetamine on several occasions. If convicted, Taylor could face more than seven years in prison. Additionally, prosecutors are looking to seize $260 used in the purchase of the drugs.

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