Four middle school home games could be impacted by construction


Pictured above is a recent photo graph of the Bunsold Middle School stadium construction project. After construction delays, the project is projected for a mid-September completion date which could impact up to four home football games for the seventh and eighth grade teams.

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Lost in the spotlight of attention thrust on the Marysville High School Stadium project, is the plight of the accompanying middle school facility.

While construction delays have put Marysville’s first two home high school football games in jeopardy, the Bunsold Middle School grid squads could face double the trouble.

At Thursday night’s Marysville Board of Education meeting it was noted that the middle school seventh and eighth grade football teams open the season with four home games, from Aug. 29 through Sept. 11. Construction updates have the middle school stadium project with a tentative completion date of Sept. 12, while the high school work is on track to be completed by Sept. 19.

With a little more than a month until the first scheduled game, weather can still have an impact on the completion dates. Dry weather could allow crews to make up time but extended periods of rain could delay work further.

The projects have fallen behind because of a handful of issues, primarily a very soggy spring. The primary obstacle for the middle school project is that a track surrounding the turf field is just now about to be installed and then must cure for several weeks before it can be walked on.

Assistant Superintendent Jonathan Langhals said middle school officials are currently talking with the athletic departments of other schools and it appears the four planned home games would be played at the other team’s venue if the Bunsold facility is not usable.

Delays also have district officials looking for fallback plans for the first two high school home games. That plan could involve playing games at a neutral site if the high school facility is not ready for the first home game on Aug. 30.

Officials said they are open to the idea of obtaining a temporary occupancy permit, in the event that the project is not completed, but would have enough completed to host a game.

The high school soccer program will be able to utilize its existing facility until the high school stadium is finished.

Langhals said additional construction crews are being brought into the work on the project and hours on the weekend are also being worked. Superintendent Diane Mankins said the crews are doing everything they can to take advantage of the recent weeks of dry weather.

“They are catching up on so many things,” she said.

Langhals updated the board on the completed work on both stadiums as well as the projects that still need to be finished.

High School stadium


– Demolition

– Main underground drainage system, utility connections and conduits

– Initial grading of multipurpose stadium

– Installation of light poles for stadium

– Installation of north path light poles

– Underground plumbing

– Retaining wall

– Scoreboard

– Scoreboard memorial foundation

– Bleacher foundations

– Low fence posts

– Home and visitor bleacher concrete pads

Work to be completed

– Electrical hook ups

– Plumbing fixtures

– Doors, windows and coil doors

– Installation of all bleachers and both pressboxes

– Concrete and asphalt pedestrian areas

– Finger drains, gravel, turf system

– Turf field

– Track proof roll, gravel installation and asphalting

– Track surfacing and painting

– Fencing

– Final grading, sod and grass seeding

Middle School stadium


-Above ceiling electric and HVAC

– Turf field

– Goal posts

– Shot put pad

– Long jump pit

– Building roof

– Gravel for track

– Concrete sidewalks and stairs

– Bleachers

– Track grading and gravel compaction

Work to be completed

– Asphalting of track areas start tomorrow

– Track loop and nearby areas

– Cure time

– 90% of electrical wire pulled

– Asphalting of other pedestrian areas

– Track surface implementation and painting

– Plumbing and electrical fixtures

– Scoreboard foundation and mounting

– Fencing

– Final grading and grass seeding

Board member Nan Savidge asked Langhals what the final “drop dead” date would be for making a decision on plans for the start of the season. He said it is too soon to put plans in place because of the fluidity of the construction process.

Langhals added that the district wants to communicate plans to the community, but does not want to be forced to announce new plans if the construction timeline changes.

The board also acted on contracts for Mankins and district treasurer Todd Johnson at the meeting. Both officials have five-year contracts, with Johnson entering his fourth year and Mankins entering her third.

During the first three years of the contracts, annual raises were set in place at 2.5% for Johnson and 3% for Mankins. Last year, Johnson’s raise percentage was adjusted to 3%.

After the third year of the contracts, the terms become open for negotiation. The board voted to give Johnson a 3.5% increase, and approved a $5,000 payment into a retirement annuity. His annual salary will be $133,410.

Mankins’ salary increase was bumped .5%, so that it equals Johnson’s at 3.5%. Her annual salary will be $170,568.

Her contract will open for negotiation next year.

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