Indictment describes “pet sitter” gone bad



A Plain City woman, her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend are all facing felony charges after allegedly robbing a woman they met online.
The Union County Grand Jury has indicted Cheryl Compton, Compton’s daughter, Dari Logan, and Jason Kilnowitz, the man court documents call Logan’s “paramour.”
Kilnowitz, 32, of 128 Chestnut St., Marysville, and Logan, of 263 W. Third St., Marysville, have each been charged with burglary, theft and receiving stolen property.
Compton, 58, of 201 N. Main St., Plain City, is charged with two counts of complicity in the commission of an offense.
According to court documents, a Mill Valley woman posted an ad on a social media site, looking for a “pet-sitter.” The woman wanted someone to stay in her home from Sept. 13-23, 2019. She hired Compton for the job.
According to court documents, when the victim returned, she discovered, “numerous personal items missing.”
The woman told police that before she left, she made sure the master bedroom, master bath and master walk-in-closet were all locked, “as these areas were off limits and should not have been accessed for any reason.”
When investigators contacted Compton, she told them that while she was pet sitting at the home, the daughter and her boyfriend showed up. She said Logan and Kilnowitz stayed at the home and security video shows them there for several days.
Compton said she told the pair they were restricted to certain rooms and were not to enter the others.
According to court documents, Compton told investigators she did enter the master bathroom “looking for a plunger.”
Compton explained that she did not watch Logan and Kilnowitz while they were at the home. The victim and Compton both told law enforcement officials that the agreement did not offer permission for others to be in the home.
A computer check showed Kilnowitz had 10 pawn transactions between Sept. 17 and Sept. 24, and made $460.
The same check showed that on Sept. 21, Logan pawned several watches for $160.
The victim was able to identify the items that had been pawned. She said other items had not been recovered. She estimated the stolen items, mainly jewelry, to be valued at $6,480.
When questioned, Compton told investigators she had taken Kilnowitz to a pawn shop, but said she thought it was so he could talk to the owner.
“It’s best to know who you are allowing to stay in your home,” said Union County Assistant Prosecutor Rick Rodger.
If convicted on all charges, Compton could face as many as six years in prison. Logan and Kilnowitz could each face as many as seven years in prison.

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