Jerome Township has new website up-and-running


Jerome Township has a new website. Above, Jerome Township Fire Chief Doug Stewart, standing, presents the new site to the township trustees, from left, Ron Rhodes, C.J. Lovejoy and Joe Craft. Also observing the presentation are Fiscal Officer Robert Caldwell, far right, and Zoning Inspector Mark Spagnuolo, watching on the computer.
(Journal-Tribune photo by Mac Cordell)
Jerome Township has a new website and a new website address.
“The biggest thing is we need to get people directed to this new address,” Jerome Township Fire Chief Doug Stewart said.
The new web address is, and Stewart was part of a committee that spearheaded the change.
“We wanted something fresh and something nice,” Stewart said. “We are the fastest growing township in the county. We want to have something that is helps us portray the right image.”
For several years, Jerome Township has used Nickey Media to host and administer the township’s website. Officials have repeatedly expressed frustration with the service provided, as well as the price for the service. Stewart explained that in the past, any changes to the site needed to be emailed to Nickey Media. He said Nickey Media did not always make the changes in a timely manner if at all.
“The previous website designer was not responsive to our needs,” Stewart said.
“We are looking at something we can have more control over,” Stewart said.
The fire chief said he and township administrative specialist Debbie Bollinger would make most of the changes.
Stewart said the township paid $4,500 for the redesign and $400 for the domain for five years. He said he believes there is a $19 annual fee for the site.
He said the township will also need to buy the former website address, which is currently owned by Nickey Media. Stewart said that purchase has not been negotiated yet.
Stewart said the township will continue to maintain the old website,, “until we get everything up and running.” A township in Michigan owns the address
He asked the trustees to look closely at the site and make suggestions and changes.
“In the next six months, Debbie and I will be making a lot of changes,” Stewart said. “The nice thing is it is fluid and we can make changes as we find things and as we need to as we go.”
Once the new site is fully functioning, the township will continue to use it for a while to redirect traffic to the new site.
Stewart said the flexibility will allow the township to post meeting announcements, meeting minutes and a calendar for the township hall. He said potential hall renters will be able to go online and view the calendar, noting it will hopefully reduce the number of inquiry calls the township receives.
Additionally, the township will have unlimited e-mail addresses.
In other news:
– Stewart reported the chassis for the new fire engine is in Dublin at Sutphen. He said he is planning to take delivery in late February or early March. He said the truck would still need to have equipment installed. Jerome Township firefighters will be training with Marysville Division of Fire. Stewart said one of the trucks used in Marysville is “almost identical” to the one ordered for Jerome Township.
– Trustee Ron Rhodes said he would be driving the township streets and roads to audit their condition. He said this is a first step to identifying projects for the year.
“Some of the roads are going to need some work,” Rhodes said.
– The trustees sat a public hearing date for review of the proposed Valvoline Oil Center on an outlot at Dublin Green. The hearing will be held at 7 p.m., Feb. 20, at the township hall. The regular trustee meeting will follow the public hearing.
– The township will host its annual baseball lottery from 6:30-10 p.m., March 7, at the township hall.

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