Local businesses brace for Powerball rush


Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is set to come in at about $700 million, the second largest in U.S. history.
Some local businesses have taken note of that and even jumped on the bandwagon.
Brittany Roush, team leader of Turkey Hill at Mill Valley, said her team has all pitched in for a $200 ticket.
“I know we’re going to split it evenly, and it’s among 12 people,” she said.
The Powerball rolls over every week and gets larger. Saturday’s drawing would have been worth $650 million, but there were no winning tickets.
The largest pot was January 2016, when the $1.6 billion prize was divided among three people who held winning tickets.
Roush said there are a lot of people now interested in the lottery who come in to buy tickets.
“I see a lot more people who don’t buy any kind of lottery tickets,” she said. “They say, ‘oh, well now I have a chance.’”
She said there are even people coming in from other businesses buying tickets for work pools. At $2 per ticket, the payoff is huge with not a lot of investment.
Roush said while a lot of folks come in to buy tickets, the huge pot isn’t necessarily boosting business in other parts of her store. Most of those buying the tickets are in the door for something else.
“They’re already shopping in here,” she said. “They see that it’s up high, so they’re more likely to buy a ticket.”
Not every business is seeing a significant boost. Kalbesh Patel, who owners the Short Stop market on Main Street, said he hasn’t seen much of a boost in ticket sales. He said there hasn’t been a “good pickup.” He has, however, seen a decent pickup at his other location, Corner Carry-Out on South Maple Street.

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