Local residents complain about peddler whose permit may be revoked


Some residents have reported a bothersome book peddler knocking on doors and the Marysville Division of Police recommends residents ignore him if he gets too pushy.
The salesman in question, though, says he doesn’t mean any harm.
Deputy Chief Tony Brooks said he received a message this weekend about a man going door-to-door in Mill Valley selling educational textbooks. The report, which came from Preakness Place, said the man was persistent.
Brooks said the man’s name is Taavi Ilmjarv. According to his peddler’s permit, which was issued June 1 by the city, he works for Southwestern Advantage, which sells, “educational books and software.”
He listed a Nashville address, although in an interview Ilmjarv said that’s the company’s address.
“He was forceful and rude and didn’t want to take no for an answer,” Brooks said.
Brooks said after that initial report, he’d heard of other residents who had similar experiences with the man.
Ilmjarv said he’s been in Marysville for approximately two weeks. He said he always skips houses with signage warning salespeople away. He also said he understands that some people don’t like salesmen.
“I’m sorry if I intimidated anyone or anything,” Ilmjarv said.
He further said that he understands that most people don’t end up purchasing his wares and said he only makes a sale to one out of 10 houses.
“I’m fine with a ‘no,’” he said.
According to Brooks, Ilmjarv received a peddler’s permit June 1. He said the city is looking to investigate the incidents and possibly revoke his permit.
Brooks said anyone who applies for a permit first goes through a background check.
Brooks said residents dealing with a persistent, rude peddler should just tell the visitor to leave. He said residents that decide to turn the peddler down should “stand firm” with their decision.
“You don’t have to listen to their speil,” he said.
He said if a resident doesn’t want to talk, they’re under no obligation to do so.
“We are actively looking for Mr. Ilmjarv to seize and revoke his permit,” Brooks said in a message.

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