Longtime street problem in Richwood may finally see solution


For several years, residents who live on the east side of Dudley Circle have been waiting for a paved street in their neighborhood and have been told repeatedly that it would be finished.
Richwood Village Council has met with contractor Jason Wills and finally have approved a design and a timeline for the long awaited street. Several Dudley Circle residents came to Monday nights village council meeting to see what plans were in place to get the project started.
A few months ago, council told Wills that they did not want a cul de sac, they wanted to have both Dudley Circle streets connected as a horse-shoe street. Wills told council that he plans to start Phase 1 with the curbs by August. The base curbs phase will begin in September and the base layer blacktop phase is set to begin in October. The final portions of the work should begin in May.
“It is hard to get a company to come into the village to do a small project, when they are so busy and near the end of their work season,” Mayor Scott Jerew said.
And council also knows that weather is another hurdle to contend with, as blacktop work can’t be done in cold, wet or snowing conditions.
Resident Mike Longstreth took copies of the plans to distribute to residents in the area and let them know that council is working on getting a solution resolved.
Christy McMahon addressed council as the spokesperson for the Richwood Trailblazers group. She announced that the group has been working on updating Richwood Park by painting lines for a sport called pickleball on the tennis courts. The group also plans on working on the shuffleboard area. The Trailblazers will also hold a Park Work Day on June 27, installing four new grills they purchased, replacing old timbers around the playground, painting picnic tables, benches and working on the gazebo.
Council approved the project. There was a pledge donation of $100 for the gazebo work, so the group asked council to pay for the remaining $70 needed for supplies for the work day. Council approved the request.
McMahon asked council if the group could hold a mini “Park Day” on Aug. 8. It would be a community day for the public, including the Richwood Sports Festival (formerly known as the Sun Run) a 5K run and 2 mile walk, the annual Bluegill Fishing Tournament for children in preschool through age 16. No fishing license is required to fish and bait will be free to participants. There would be a pickleball tournament and the Richwood Police will cook free hotdogs.
It was also announced that the Trailblazers would like permission to install a 14 foot lighthouse at the south point near the beach where the ground juts out into the water. Local boy scouts will provide labor to build an 18 inch base on top of the gravel for the solar lighthouse. Village park employee Dean Chapman would be involved in building the lighthouse. Council approved the new addition to the lake.
Mark and Trisha Wolfe, owners of Richwood Suds and Stow car wash on Route 47, were concerned with unwanted traffic coming from Dudley Circle to the carwash. There have been golf carts driving through and even vehicles cutting across the lawn to the carwash. Wolfe asked if there were any requirements to install a fence. Jerew recommended the couple contact Marion Bump, zoning inspector.
In other business, council:
-Was asked if the new shelterhouse near the beach would be completed by Aug. 8 for the Park Day event. Jerew will contact the builder;
-Heard from councilman Pat Morse regarding the vacant homes in the village that council has had to deal with for years. He suggested the village, fire chiefs, township trustees and county prosecutor and health department to hold a meeting and get the ball rolling on removing empty, dilapidated homes.
-Heard that the tree commission will submit an ordinance at the next meeting regarding planting trees in the tree lawn.
-Reminded residents that the water/sewer rates will increase in July an additional $1 on water and $1 on sewer for the first 2000 gallons.
-Heard Ed Norris will powerwash the shelter house with the fireplace and seal it as a donation to the park.
-Heard the street sweeper was down, parts have been ordered and it should be working by the end of the week.
-Was told that someone has been removing benches from private property on the east side of the walking path, carrying them down to the lake and burning a fire while fishing. It was noted that no one is allowed to remove any items from private property without permission and no fires are to be burning except in the two designated areas.
-Was told that $65.18 in late fees have been waived so far on the water/sewer bills. Water clerk Sarah Sellers has mailed 36 letters to residents requesting them to call in and make payment plans before normal shut-off practices are resumed.
The next council meeting will be held Monday, July 13 at 7 p.m.

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