Man, 79, indicted for attempted murder with bat


An elderly Marysville man is facing attempted murder charges after allegedly attacking a local woman.
A Union County Grand Jury has indicted Daniel J. Laughrey, 79, of 32118 Route 31, West Mansfield. Laughrey is charged with one count each of attempted murder and felonious assault.
According to court documents, on July 28, Laughrey contacted a 79 year-old woman.
“He knew her,” Union County Prosecutor Dave Phillips said, adding the two had, “an on-again-off-again relationship.”
Phillips said Laughrey called the woman, “and asked her to come over saying he had something for her.”
When the woman arrived at the home, Laughrey allegedly attacked her. According to court documents, Laughrey intended to kill the woman.
Phillips said Laughrey then allegedly hit the woman in the head with a metal baseball bat. He said the blow knocked the woman to the ground.
“He then attempted to strangle her,” Phillips said.
The prosecutor said he did not want to speculate on what motivated the man to assault the woman.
Eventually the woman was able to free herself and get to help.
“She did get out of the home and went to a nearby store in Byhalia, where she was able to call 911,” Phillips said.
The woman was transported for medical attention.
Law enforcement officials were called to the scene and Laughrey was arrested.
Laughrey is set for arraignment Sept. 5, though Phillips said that date and the defendant’s future appearances is in question at this point.
“He was in custody, but he was taken to a mental health facility,” Phillips said.
He said the man’s family is, “justifiably afraid of what might happen to him” if he is not in a mental health facility.
The prosecutor said that when Laughrey is released, he will be taken into custody again. If convicted on both counts, Laughrey could face as many as 18 years in prison.

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