Man charged with allegedly hitting woman until blind


A Marysville man could be facing as many as eight years in prison after allegedly beating a woman blind.
The Union County Grand Jury has indicted Anthony Wayne Redding, 48, of 218 Cypress Dr., Marysville. Redding is charged with one count of felonious assault.
Union County Dave Phillips said at about 3:30 a.m., Feb. 17, Redding went to a woman’s home on Greenwood Boulevard.
“He had allegedly been drinking,” Phillips said, adding Redding had been at a pair of Marysville bars and was “allegedly very intoxicated.”
Phillips said Redding and the woman “had a relationship.” He said the pair began to argue.
“He allegedly struck her with a closed fist,” Phillips said.
He said when police arrived, the woman’s eye was bleeding. She was taken to Memorial Hospital in Marysville, then to another hospital in Columbus.
Phillips said the woman’s eye was “ruptured.”
“She has lost vision in that eye,” Phillips said.
The prosecutor said Redding was “verbally agitated and aggressive toward law enforcement” on the way to Tri-County Regional Jail.
If convicted, Redding could face as many as eight years in prison.
Additionally, prosecutors are trying to have Redding labeled as a repeat violent offender. In 2008, Redding plead guilty to one count of felonious assault after he attacked a different woman. Redding had been drinking and during an argument, he threw beer bottles at the woman.
“Redding then began punching the woman with an open and closed fist,” according to court documents.
The woman said Redding punched her 30 to 40 times, calmed down, then began to beat her again.
“He then placed both hands around her neck and began to choke her,” according to court documents. “The victim is unsure if she blacked out or not, but she thought Redding was going to kill her so she just laid still hoping Redding would stop beating on her.”
The woman sustained two black eyes, a broken nose, a fractured jaw and multiple bruises.
Redding told law enforcement he was sorry for hitting the woman but was going to kill her for calling the police. He threatened officers if they took him to jail, “when he got out, it was going to be worse for her,” according to court documents.
Redding was also charged with felonious assault in 2014, stemming from an incident at a bar. Redding eventually pleaded to felony aggravated assault.
The grand jury also indicted:
Boubacar Tall, 30, of Hilliard. Tall is charged with passing bad checks, grand theft of a motor vehicle and forgery. According to court documents, on Jan. 16, Tall went to Coughlin Marysville and tried to buy a 2017 Chevy Malibu. He allegedly offered a forged social security card as proof of identification. Additionally, he also allegedly gave the dealership a check for $4,000, written on a closed account.

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