Man charged with threatening mother over truck


Mental health professionals have said the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns could cause an increase in domestic violence issues.
Union County grand jurors are starting to see at least some of that.
The grand jury recently indicted Danielle Olvera and Rodney Wilson on unrelated charges, both stemming from allegations they assaulted or threatened family and household members.

Wilson, 47, of 123 W. Sixth St., Apt D, Marysville, is charged with two counts of extortion and one count each of abduction and aggravated menacing.
Olvera, 40, of 51 ½ Rose St., Magnetic Springs, is charged with one count each of felonious assault and domestic violence.
Union County Prosecutor Dave Phillips said Wilson lives with his mother in the Sixth Street apartment. He said Wilson and his mother actually came to the prosecutor’s office earlier this year to complain about a vehicle that had been involved in a collision.
On July 26, the mother contacted police about a letter Wilson wrote her.
According to court documents, Wilson left a five page note on his mother’s coffee pot.
In the letter, Wilson said that if his mom does not get him a truck, he will hurt her and break everything in the home. Prosecutors said the letter is graphic at times. In the letter Wilson says he does not care if his mom gets a loan, goes to a local church for help or prays for a miracle but stresses that whatever she has to do, she had better not come home without a truck for him.
“He states that he has lost complete control and if his demands are not met, his actions will result in a long prison term,” according to court documents.
Phillips said the woman was “obviously afraid.”
According to court documents, the woman told law enforcement officials that Wilson “threatens to stab her and she is in fear of her life.”
When officers went to the man’s home to arrest him, Wilson opened the door, asked if they were there about the letter, then he shut the door on them.
“Ultimately he did agree to come out if officers agreed not to beat him up,” Phillips said.
The prosecutor explained that the extortion charge stems from Wilson allegedly threatening to hurt the woman if she didn’t get the vehicle for him.
He said the abduction charge is about him allegedly restraining the woman’s liberty.
“While he didn’t keep her at one location, he did restrain her liberty because she should be at liberty to come home,” Phillips said.
If convicted, Wilson could face more than 10 years in prison.
Allegations against Olvera stem from a July 18 incident with her live-in boyfriend.
Union County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Rose Street home.
According to court documents, Olvera and her boyfriend were in an argument “about Danielle bringing crystal meth into the residence.”
Court documents indicate the man told Olvera to get out of the home while she “continued to call him derogatory names while pushing him and scratching his chest.”
The woman allegedly went to the kitchen and got a frying pan. She told the man she was going to hit him.
As the victim was walking away, he turned to say something and Olvera “hit (the man) on the side of the head with the frying pan.”
The woman then left the home.
The man was taken to get medical attention and testing.
Domestic violence is often charged as a misdemeanor, however once an individual has a domestic violence conviction, future allegations can be charged as felonies.
Olvera has a prior domestic violence conviction from 2002 in Delaware County.
If convicted, Olvera could face as many as eight years in prison.

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