Man indicted for attack on deputy


A Marysville man is facing felony charges after allegedly attacking a sheriff’s deputy trying to arrest him.
The Union County Grand Jury has indicted Andrew L. Oliver, 56, of 19877 Pine Lane, Marysville.
Oliver is charged with one count each of assault, domestic violence and resisting arrest.
The charges against Oliver stem from a Dec. 27 incident. Assistant Union County Prosecutor Rick Rodger said Oliver and his wife were in the process of separating. Rodger said Oliver was living in a horse trailer behind the home where she still lives.
According to court documents, Oliver and his wife, “were in an argument regarding a handicap placard inside of a vehicle.”
Rodger said that at some point the woman crumpled up the placard and threw it at him. Oliver allegedly blocked the woman’s throwing hand. According to court documents he, “followed up by slapping (the woman) across the left side of her face with his right hand.”
Rodger said Oliver then went to his horse trailer and the woman’s son called law enforcement.
“When they went to talk to Andrew, he refused to open the door,” Rodger said.
Marysville Police Officers were eventually able to get him to open the trailer door.
Rodger said Oliver was “belligerent” with officers.
“After being informed that he was under arrest for domestic violence, (Oliver) forcibly resisted handcuffing by not removing his hands from his pants’ pockets,” according to court documents. “After deputies forcibly removed his hands, Oliver continued to resist by flexing his arms together and not surrendering to a handcuffing position. As a result, Oliver still would not surrender to a handcuffing position.”
Police used pepper spray on Oliver to get him to comply.
“Afterwards, Oliver continued to resist surrendering to a handcuffing position, as a result he was brought to the ground,” according to court documents.
While on the ground, Oliver grabbed a sheriff’s deputy, put him in a headlock and continued to fight against being handcuffed, Rodger said, adding that a deputy finally hit him and broke the headlock.
If convicted, Oliver could face more than 24 months in prison.
The grand jury also indicted Michael Todd Roush, 25, of 141 S. Fulton St., Richwood. Roush is charged with one count of domestic violence.
Rodger said that on Jan. 5, Roush “essentially got into an argument with his mother.”
During the argument, Roush allegedly punched a cupboard and began breaking dishes.
At some point during the argument, Roush’s brother stepped in.
According to court documents, the brother, “told Michael he needed to grow up and stop acting like a child.”
“Michael then struck (his brother) twice with a closed fist to the left side of his head in the area of his temple,” according to court documents.
The brother told Roush he was calling police and “Michael began choking (the brother).”
According to court documents, the brother “gouged Michael in the left eye” in an attempt to get away.
“Once the two were separated, Michael continued to punch (the brother) in the left side and rear of the head with closed fist strikes,” according to court documents.
Roush left the home, but returned shortly after and was arrested.
Typically, domestic violence is charged as a misdemeanor. However, once someone has a domestic violence conviction, future allegations are charged as felonies. Roush has domestic violence convictions in 2015 and 2017.
If convicted, Roush could face as many as five years in prison.
The grand jury also indicted:
– Latasha N. Lemaster, 30, of 24390 state Route 4, Marysville. Lemaster is charged with one count of aggravated possession of drugs stemming from a Jan. 4, incident involving Oxycodone.
If convicted, Lemaster could face as many as 12 months in prison.
– Heather R. Taylor, 30, of Latham. Taylor is charged with one count of aggravated possession of drugs stemming from a Nov. 11, incident involving Fentanyl.
If convicted, Taylor could face as many as 12 months in prison.

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