Marysville experiences rash of car break-ins


The Marysville Police Department is on the lookout for the culprits of several car break-ins that have occurred in Marysville this week.
According to police reports, four cars were broken into early Wednesday morning.
Marysville Police Chief Floyd Golden said the calls came in, “as folks started waking up.”
Two were at Lakeside Circle. One, a Honda Accord, had broken windows with a firearm and iPod stolen from the car. The other, a Hyundai Sonata, had a bottle of perfume, sunglasses and change missing, along with broken windows.
Suspects stole an iPad and wallet from an unlocked GMC Acadia on Restoration Drive. A checkbook and suitcase were taken from a Lexus RX on Damascus Road, its window smashed as well.
Golden said there were ten more break-ins that occurred Friday morning. Six occurred in the area of Arabian Circle and Chariot Way, while four happened in the area of Milstone Drive and Damos Way. As of Friday, Golden was unable to get into greater detail on those 10, but said one of them involved a firearm stolen from an unlocked car.
According to Golden, officers are still interviewing residents about the incidents. He said Marysville Police may have more information next week.
Golden offered some rules of thumb for residents wanting to prevent their vehicles from being broken into. He said gun owners should never leave their weapons out in the open and unattended. He also noted that typically, people casing cars won’t go to the trouble of shattering windows if there’s nothing valuable visible form the outside.
He said with the Christmas shopping season coming up, people are going to be more prone to leaving expensive gifts in their cars. He urged residents to take care of their belongings by making sure they aren’t visible. And in any situation, drivers should lock their cars when they’re not driving.
Golden said in cases like these, residents are their own first line of defense.
“You don’t blame victims or anything, but we give people advice so they don’t become victims,” Golden said.

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