Marysville homecoming bumped: Festivities now planned for Oct. 11 due to stadium delays


Marysville’s Homecoming has been delayed to allow crews to complete construction on the district’s new stadium. Officials believe the stadium would be open already if not for an accident that dropped the press box on an electrical box. While the insides of the box are operational, the housing has been damaged. Officials say the box, which serves as the main electrical hub, is being protected by a tent, shown above, while a new box is fabricated.

(Journal-Tribune photo by Kayleen Petrovia)

Marysville’s homecoming game is being changed in the face of construction delays which have plagued the district’s stadium renovation project.

In an email to families Thursday, district officials indicated that the Sept. 27 football game will not be observed as homecoming, instead moving the celebration to Oct. 11. The initial opponent would have been Big Walnut, but the Monarchs will face Westland on the new homecoming date.

“This was a difficult decision, but at this point we do not have any guarantees for stadium completion for the September 27th game and feel it is important to maintain the spirit of Homecoming festivities for our students and community,” the release reads.

After previous delays on the $11.8 million stadium project were created by bidding issues and a wet spring, a late-summer construction accident at the high school site is the most recent headache. Marysville’s first two home football games were moved to other venues to allow time for the work to be completed.

According to Marysville Superintendent Diane Mankins, a crane installing the stadium’s new press box struck an electrical box which provided power for everything from the stadium lights to the scoreboard.

“It’s the main electrical hub,” Mankins said.

She explained that while the internal electrical components have been tested and appear to have been unharmed in the accident, the enclosure protecting the inner workings from the elements was damaged and must be replaced.

Compounding the issue is the fact that the enclosure is not a stock item and must be custom made. Mankins said the item, which was ordered after the accident, takes three weeks to manufacture and another three days to ship. The components are currently being protected by a tent.

Without a solid enclosure to protect the components from rain, electricity can’t be used to operate the stadium.

“We can’t take the risk,” Mankins said.

The superintendent said that without the damage to the electrical box, she is confident work would have progressed enough for the Monarchs to have hosted the second game of the season.

As it stands now, moving homecoming to the Westland game shows that officials are confident the stadium can be opened by the seventh game.

The homecoming parade is set for Wednesday, Oct.  9, and the homecoming dance has been moved to Saturday, Oct. 12.

Parent teacher conferences scheduled for the night of the homecoming parade will be rescheduled.

Still up in the air is the location of the game against Big Walnut. The email says that if the stadium is completed or can be opened under a temporary occupancy permit, Marysville will host the game as scheduled.

If the stadium is not in a condition to accommodate fans and host the game, an alternate location will be found, similar to the Monarchs’ first two games. A final decision on the Big Walnut game will be made the week of Sept. 20, according to the correspondence.

“As progress continues to be made on the stadium, we will have occupancy decisions made during the week of the 20th,” according to the district e-mail. “Should the stadium be ready either on a full or temporary occupancy status, we will plan to host the September 27th game against Big Walnut. If we do not have the ability to play in our stadium, we will secure an alternate location for the game.”

In the notice, officials said they, “know that this is not the best situation, but we continue to be impressed with how everyone has rallied behind our students.”

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